NOVOSENSE launched the latest automotive-qualified chips – I²C GPIO extension, half-bridge driver, three-state buffer

SHANGHAI, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading analog and mixed signal IC company NOVOSENSE Microelectronics (short as NOVOSENSE) has recently launched a variety of automotive-qualified IC products including I²C GPIO expansion chip, 40V multi-channel half-bridge driver and three-state buffer for automotive, industrial and other applications.

NOVOSENSE automotive-qualified I²C IO expander NCA9539-Q1 provides up to 16 bits of GPIO expansion for I2C bus, which is widely used in automotive infotainment system, automotive assistant driving system, body, xEV powertrain and other modules. Operating at temperatures as high as 125 ℃, it provides enhanced anti-interference capability in the harsh environment, while meeting customer requirements on both cost and performance.

40V automotive-qualified multi-channel half-bridge driver NSD830x-Q1 is capable to realize the full-bridge and half-bridge driver modes through SPI interface, supporting various loads like DC brushed motor, bipolar stepper motor, relay and LED, etc. In automotive systems, the solution can be widely used in HVAC flap control, electric side view mirror and domain/zonal controller.

NOVOSENSE NCA824X series is an 8-channel three-state buffer, which can improve the driving ability of bus-oriented transceivers, clock drivers, and ensure the accuracy of signal timing. This device is usually used for motor driver, EV/HEV Traction Inverter, Solar Inverter, LED display and other applications. The product series is available in two versions: dual power supply and single power supply. Single power supply is with two-way transmission or one-way data transmission functions. Dual power supply is the upgraded version, which better meets customers’ requirements for system upgrade and revision, and help customers realize bi-directional voltage conversion flexibly, with the function of Level shift.


NOVOSENSE NCA9539-Q1, NSD830x and NCA82XX series products are available for sample. For sample application or order, please email to [email protected], or call 0086-512-62601802-810.

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