NOVOSENSE launched driver IC products applied in GaN applications

SHANGHAI, China, April 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NOVOSENSE has recently released a series of driver products, which can be widely used in industrial frequency converter, servo, robot, air conditioning compressor, NEV master drive, photovoltaic inverter, energy storage, UPS, high power supply and fast charge, energy storage, server power and other GaN application scenarios.

NOVOSENSE driver IC products applied in GaN applications

NOVOSENSE single-channel intelligent isolation grid driver NSi68515 is specially designed to drive SiC MOSFETs and IGBTs with bus voltage of up to 2121V DC. Its input mode is compatible with optical coupler input, and the input terminal and output terminal adopt double capacitance enhanced isolation technology. Based on the NOVOSENSE Adaptive OOK coding technology, it can support a minimum common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) of 150kV/μs. NSi68515 detects the VCE voltage of the pipe through the DESAT pin to judge the short circuit and overcurrent of the pipe for quick shutdown. The protection time is twice as fast as that of the optical coupler isolation driver IC common in the industry with protection function, which greatly improves the system robustness.

GaN driver NSD2621 is a high-voltage half-bridge grid driver chip designed to drive E−mode (enhanced) GaN switching tubes. NSD2621 applies isolation technology to high-voltage half-bridge driver, the common-mode transient noise resistance is up to 150V/ns, and it can withstand negative voltage of 700V, solving problem of the common mode transient and negative voltage peak of bridge arm mid-point SW pin in the GaN application. In addition, the driver output of the inner upper and lower tubes is integrated with a voltage regulator LDO, which effectively inhibits the high-frequency interference introduced by VDD or BST and protects the GaN switch grid from the influence of overvoltage stress.

In addition, to give full play to GaN’s characteristic advantages of high frequency and high speed, NSG65N15K, NOVOSENSE launches an integrated Power Stage product, which integrates the half-bridge driver NSD2621 and two GaN switch tubes with withstand voltage of 650V and conduction resistance of 150mΩ, with a working current of up to 20A. NSG65N15K packs the driver and GaN together with the 9*9mm QFN package, and uses one device to replace the half bridge composed of the driver and two switch tubes, effectively reducing the number of components and layout area, and the combined package helps to reduce the parasitic inductance between the driver and the switch tube, simplifies the system design and improves the reliability.