NOVOSENSE improves industrial system design with one-chip isolated power supply

SHANGHAI, Feb. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In view of high voltage, safety, noise immunity and other factors in industrial system design, the demand for isolated design is more and more extensive, and transferring signal/power across isolation barrier has been one of the common challenges for designers. As the leader of isolation technology, NOVOSENSE has been committed to exploring isolated power solutions with higher integration, reliability and cost effectiveness, which helps developers simplify industrial system design. This article introduces the integrated isolated power 3CH digital isolated solution of NOVOSENSE, applied into the areas of E-Bike, battery energy storage system, industrial meter, circuit breaker and industrial BMS etc.

According to different requirements, the isolated power supply in the system can be divided into three parts: isolated drive power supply, isolated sampling power supply and isolated communication power supply. Whereas, the power supply solution of external transformer /multi-winding output is adopted for the isolated drive/sampling power supply due to relatively large power and concentrated layout. For isolated communication power supply, because its layout is relatively far away from the main power loop of the system and its power consumption is relatively low, the independent isolated power module is often preferred.

With industry-leading on-chip transformer technology, the NIRSP31 integrates isolated power and three-channel digital isolators on a single chip with advanced LGA package (4mm×5mm). Compared with the traditional isolated power module + optical coupler/digital isolator solution, it greatly reduces the PCB layout area and height, and can further reduce overall system cost.

For easy evaluation, NOVOSENSE provides isolated RS485 communication demo board NIRSP31+NCA3485, and isolated CAN communication demo board NIRSP31+NCA1042. For sample application or ordering, please e-mail to [email protected] or call 0086-512-62601802. For more information, please click