NOVOSENSE has officially become a member of AEC

SHANGHAI, Jan. 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NOVOSENSE Microelectronics recently announced that it has officially joined the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) as a member of the AEC Component Technical Committee.

AEC was originally founded in the 1990s by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors for establishing a universal qualification and quality standard system for vehicles and their components. For example, the AEC-Q100 standard it developed has now become the industry’s authoritative automotive chip testing standard. Today, AEC has grown into an authoritative industry organization that includes dozens of automotive OEMs and component suppliers. The Component Technical Committee, headed by AEC, focuses on the development of reliable, high-quality standards for automotive electronic component, setting a benchmark for the sustainable development across the industry.

Currently, the global automotive industry has entered a stage of accelerated development of electrification and intelligence, driving the rapid growth of demand for automotive chips. The variety and complexity of automotive chips and the harsh environment of automotive applications pose higher requirements on the reliability and safety of the components themselves, which results in a higher technical threshold, a longer R&D cycle, and more stringent certification standards.

Since the launch of its first automotive chip in 2016, NOVOSENSE has always adhered to the quality policy of “Reliable and Robust” and implemented AEC standards throughout the whole process of automotive chips design, verification and mass production. With its forward-looking product layout, robust quality performance and proven delivery record, NOVOSENSE has been widely recognized in the automotive electronics field: it obtained ASIL-D certification, the highest level of the TÜV Rheinland ISO 26262 Functional Safety Management System in 2021, and received the Premium Quality Award from the authoritative certification and testing organization VDE in 2023.

In addition, NOVOSENSE has been continuously refined its product layout in the field of automotive electronics. It has successively launched a number of automotive chips exclusively in 2023, including motor driver SoC-NSUC1610 for automotive electronic actuators, differential pressure sensor NSPGM2 series using MEMS process, Hall switch/latch NSM101x series, Hall current sensor NSM2019, programmable stepper motor driver NSD8381-Q1, and multi-channel half-bridge gate driver NSD360x-Q1, which can be widely used in applications such as automotive body control, thermal management of new energy vehicles, and OBC/DCDC. In the first three quarters of 2023, NOVOSENSE’s automotive business increased its share of the company’s revenue to 28%.

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