NOVOSENSE gauge pressure sensor enables the liquid level detection of household appliances more intelligent and energy-saving

SHANGHAI, June 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Accurate liquid level detection is an important premise and guarantee to realize the relevant functions of household appliances. The NSPGD1 recently launched by NOVOSENSE Microelectronics is a calibrated gauge-pressure liquid level sensor, which can meet the needs of highly accurate liquid level measurement of household appliances and make household appliances more intelligent.

NOVOSENSE NSPGD1 enables the liquid level detection of household appliances more intelligent and energy-saving

The traditional liquid level measurement is mechanical and photoelectric, which can only simply measure the presence or absence of liquid or roughly measure the liquid level, and cannot achieve high-precision and stable measurement. However, the built-in signal conditioning chip of integrated MEMS pressure sensor integrates temperature compensation and linear compensation, which can eliminate the defect of low precision of traditional liquid level measurement.

NSPGD1 is a series of calibrated gauge-pressure sensors for the home appliance market. The NSPGD1 series integrated pressure sensor is available in a range of -10kPa to 10kPa (which can be customized) and comes in a DIP8 package with an air nozzle for easy welding and use. The series supports analog output /I2C digital output and unique frequency output function for more flexible application.

NSPGD1 series integrated pressure sensor is mainly used for accurate measurement of liquid level height. It is an integrated pressure gauge sensor with air nozzle based on silicon piezoresistive effect advanced MEMS micromachining process. The package with the air nozzle is especially suitable for the liquid level detection of household appliances such as washing machine, water purifier and dishwasher, and can also be used for medical electronic equipment such as massage chair, intelligent sphygmomanometer, oxygen generator, ventilator, oxygen generator, anesthesia instrument biosafety cabinet, as well as pressure switch, negative pressure vacuum detection, gas pressure detection and other industrial control, Internet of Things and other fields of pressure detection applications.

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