NOIZ GROUP LIMITED (8163.HK) Statement on Recent Event

HONG KONG, Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NOIZ GROUP LIMITED (the “Group”, Stock Code: 8163) has recently discovered posts on the internet claiming that the “the overseas entity of Noiz Group (香港聲揚集團)”  has completed a takeover of a company called Elfin Metaverse (the “Company”), resulting in a change of management of the Company.

We hereby issue an official statement to clarify that the so-called “Noiz Group” is not affiliated with the Group in any way. The Group has no connection whatsoever with the aforementioned posts.

We would like to emphasize that the Group has no involvement in the alleged takeover or the change of management mentioned in the posts. We have never had any contact or discussions with the Company or any related individuals.

Furthermore, it is crucial to note that without sufficient evidence to confirm the true identity of the Company, we cannot verify its existence or whether it operates legitimate business activities. Therefore, we urge the public and investors to remain vigilant and guard against deception.

We also remind investors to exercise caution when encountering any false statements or rumors regarding the Group. For verification of information, please visit our official website or contact us at (852) 2115 7600.