NOIZ and Octagon Metatainment present ONO:Genesis, showcasing break-through technology integrating Entertainment & Art

HONG KONG, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In an extraordinary collaboration that captivated attendees at Soho House in Hong Kong on last Friday 23rd June, 2023, NOIZ Group Limited (Stock code: 8163) (“NOIZ”), a leading technology company, participated as the title sponsor and technology partner of the groundbreaking ONO Genesis, created by future focused production house Octagon Metatainment, directed by its founders artist Jonathan Wong Chee Hynn and Justina Shih Yau Shan. This remarkable event showcased a seamless integration of art, music, and technology, pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences and propelling the industry into a boundless future.

With NOIZ as the one of the driving forces behind the event, ONO Genesis demonstrated the immense potential of cutting-edge technology, redefining the way we engage with entertainment and art. During the show, NOIZ showcased an innovative Proto Hologram technology. The audience was transported into a realm where virtual avatars coexisted with real world performers, blending hyper-realistic motion capture animation with masterful live choreography, forging face-to-face interactions that blurred the line between reality and the digital landscape. These pioneering advancements allowed participants to become fully immersed, unveiling a future where technology acts as a catalyst for entertainment and artistic expression.

Renowned comic artist Pat Lee, astounded attendees as he live-drew his masterpiece in a mesmerizing digital presentation. Under the arrangement of the organiser, several giant projectors were connected to the Proto Hologram, allowing the artist to create his masterpiece across multiple screens. This integration of digital art into the physical realm not only pushed the boundaries of creativity but also showcased the seamless synergy between technology and artistic mastery.

NOIZ’s sponsorship and technology partnership with the ONO Genesis reaffirm their commitment to pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences. Mr. Wong Hin Shek, Chairman and CEO of NOIZ said: “As the title sponsor and technology partner, NOIZ has established itself as a pioneer in revolutionising the way we perceive and engage with Entertainment and art. By collaborating with Octagon Metatainment’s carefully curated artists, performers, and visionaries, NOIZ endeavours to enable the industry to unlock new realms of creativity and redefine the ways of audience engagement. With no doubt, this event is a catalyst for the continued exploration and collaboration between technology and all forms of entertainment and art.

The ONO Genesis Show, proudly presented by NOIZ, is a testament to the transformative power of immersive experiences and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. Nealy 200 industry professionals from entertainment industry, production industry and Web 3.0 industry were invited. Artists such as Damian Lau Chung Yan, Grace Wong Kwan Hing, Rebecca Zhu Chen-li were also presented at the Show to experience the new form of the interaction between the virtual the physical world. 

About NOIZ Group Limited

NOIZ Group Limited, a listed company on the GEM operated by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code: 8163), is steadfastly committed to harnessing blockchain, artificial intelligence, and immersive interaction technologies to empower individuals, creators, artists and brand owners. NOIZ’s mission is to revolutionise the creator economy, fostering a fair and transparent ecosystem, and leveraging technology to drive sustainable growth in the emerging era.