NO.1 coocaa TV’s Key Secrets To Success: Local Factory, Tailored Products, and Stellar Service

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — coocaa TV has consistently been the NO.1 choice for TV buyers in Indonesia since 2022. This remarkable achievement lies in three fundamental pillars: the presence of a local factory, a keen focus on tailoring TVs to the Indonesian market, and an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. Let us delve deeper into these aspects and reveal why coocaa TV has become the NO.1 brand among Indonesian consumers.

Firstly, having a local factory in Indonesia is pivotal to coocaa TV’s success, which has one of the largest LED TV factories in the entire Indonesian region. Its spacious infrastructure and impressive production capabilities ensure the consistent delivery of top-notch product quality. Furthermore, this factory is equipped with cutting-edge technology, enabling the creation of innovative and high-quality TVs that resonate with today’s consumers.

Indonesia NO.1 Sales coocaa TV

Secondly, coocaa TV is renowned for its product quality. Their range covers a variety of products, including QLED and 4K TV. Especially, their Coolita OS system makes coocaa stand out. It provides access to platforms like YouTube and Netflix and integrates Google features like “Hey Google” for added convenience. Notably, coocaa TV has dedicated 23 years to perfecting EYE CARE technology, featuring Flicker Free, Low Blue Light, and the Health Platform, ensuring that users’ eye health is a top priority. Moreover, the inclusion of two independently developed AI chips further elevates their TVs. The Chameleon Extreme chip features AI Skin Tone Calibration, AI Dynamic Range Expansion, and Scenario-Based AI Picture Quality Optimization. The Trochilus Extreme AI Chip excels in Depth-Bit Precision Contour Smoothing, Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation, and Super Resolution Functions. These advanced chips guarantee an astonishingly high-fidelity visual experience, whether you’re watching dynamic action scenes or tranquil static images.

Lastly, coocaa TV doesn’t just stop at delivering exceptional products, they go above and beyond with stellar service. The coocaa TV service team is always ready to assist users with their needs and inquiries, ensuring a more comfortable and satisfying experience.

NO.1 coocaa TV remains devoted to innovation, striving to enhance the TV experience for the people of Indonesia and elevate their quality of life. As the NO. 1 TV brand in Indonesia, this accomplishment marks not just a milestone but an exciting beginning. It motivates coocaa to continue raising the bar in television entertainment for the Indonesian audience.