Nippon Express Logistics (China) Launches BCP-compatible Cross-Border Transport Service Connecting Zhuhai and Hong Kong by Truck

TOKYO, Oct. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nippon Express Logistics (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “NX Logistics China”), a group company of NIPPON EXPRESS HOLDINGS, INC., began offering a cross-border transport service connecting Zhuhai and Hong Kong by truck via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (hereinafter “HZMB”) on September 1.


NX Logistics China has developed a new overland transport route from Zhuhai in South China to Hong Kong via the HZMB as a BCP solution to maintain stable supply chains for its customers and has begun offering a cross-border transport service using this route. Customers can thus enjoy greater convenience by availing themselves of the company’s cross-border transport services within the Pearl River Delta from both Shenzhen gate in the east and Zhuhai gate in the west.

Service details

Cargo from South China and other parts of the country is consolidated and sorted at a Nippon Express warehouse in Zhuhai, transshipped to double-licensed trucks at a cross-docking facility in Zhuhai, and then transported via the HZMB to Hong Kong International Airport or designated delivery destinations.

Service features

-Lead time: (e.g., from freight pickup within Guangdong Province to Hong Kong) approximately two days
-Service frequency: Every day (once daily)
-Consolidated transport for small-lot shipments is also available in addition to charter transport.
-Shipments can be coordinated with Hong Kong-based import/export arrangements.
-Avoiding areas beset with delays makes it possible to maintain a reliable operating schedule.

The Nippon Express Group will continue supporting its customers’ business continuity by developing alternative routes and utilizing alternative transport modes to provide BCP solutions that meet customer requests.

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