NFTIV joins hands with JCI to promote Web3 transformation

HONG KONG, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today at the Cyberport, NFTIV inked a collaboration agreement with JCI – the Junior Chamber International. Through the complete Web3 technical support for the global vision advantages of both parties, the cooperation with JCI will tackle creative projects, creating win-win solutions and setting examples for companies’ transformation, innovation, and sustainable development.

The signing of a one-year collaboration agreement was witnessed by JCI Secretary General Kevin Hin, NFTIV co-founder Vincent Lau, and JCI President Argenis Angulo. Chen Zhiheng, Chief Corporate Development Officer of Cyberport, and Cai Weijie, Senior Manager of Cyberport’s Smart Living Group, were also in attendance.

Under the terms of this partnership agreement, NFTIV will provide technical support for JCI RISE’s transition to Web3, including assisting JCI RISE, which aims to promote post-pandemic sustainable development, to transform through NaaS, develop Web3-related certification training, and strengthen SDGxCarbon Collaboration for global strategy, marketing, and operational support.

“Many companies see the need to shift to Web3, but they are held back due to technological limitations. We intend to demonstrate how NaaS services may assist businesses in overcoming technical barriers and achieving transformation through this collaboration. We may also collaborate to develop more Web3 skills and bridge the gap between talents and technology,”  said Vincent Lau, the co-founder of NFTIV.

Argenis Angulo, President of the International Youth Chamber of Commerce stated, “as a non-profit international non-official organization covering 124 countries, we hope to better manage and integrate global resources through blockchain technology, while also cultivating new leaders with a Web3 mindset. Contributing to the global well-being.”

Cyberport startup NFT Investment & Venture (NFTIV) is committed to building a Shopify version of the NFT platform. Building the Web3-based commerce platform will help brands and individuals to build and launch their own secured NFT platform without any coding knowledge. For more details, please visit NFTIV’s official website