New movement launched for young people to shape the future of education

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — New digital platform supporting young people’s participation in global conversations about the future of education launched by Big Change in partnership with the LEGO Foundation. ‘The Big Education Conversation’ was launched at the United Nation’s Transforming Education Summit in New York.

The platform,, has been launched to support intergenerational conversations on the transformation of education, encouraging inclusive public dialogue between young people, communities, and decision makers across the world.

Many countries have education systems that do not work for all children or fully prepare them for their futures. The Big Education Conversation supports people and communities to talk about what education is really for so it can change for the future. By hosting conversations and adding views through the platform, participants create a shared vision, one of the most important first steps for change.

The Big Education Conversation guides and resources are published in English, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Swahili. They will be available in all UN languages by the end of 2022.

A live Big Education Conversation, hosted at the Transforming Education Summit, marked the beginning of Big Change’s aim to inspire one million conversations on the future of education all over the world.

Inés Yábar from Restless Development, who co-facilitated the first conversation said: “This is such an exciting opportunity for young people to be the true drivers of change! The Big Education Conversation platform will allow us to take control of the conversation on education and help shape the global education agenda.”

The initiative has been supported by the LEGO Foundation.

About Big Change 

We want to see a society where every young person is set up to thrive in life, not just exams. So that even in times of constant change, every child will feel emboldened to contribute positively to the world around them. All parts of society, including parents, employers, and civil society, need to work together to support young people and schools.

 About the LEGO Foundation

We know that children develop skills for life when they learn through play. Together with partners around the world, we call for global learning system reform to raise the quality of education, lower inequality and exclusion and make life for children everywhere more joyful and meaningful by promoting access to learning through play for all children.