New Market Expectations of the Digital Marketing SEO SEM and Web Design, Hello SEO Launch Free Tools and Flexible Pricing

HONG KONG, Dec. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Affected by the epidemic, many companies and brands have transformed their business from offline physical stores to online businesses. Budgets used for marketing flow from traditional advertisements such as leaflets and public advertising space to digital marketing, such as social media platform advertisements, instant messaging software advertisements and search engine marketing (SEM), among which Google Advertising (Google Ads) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the most familiar one nowadays.

Many of the mentioned businesses or companies are small in scale and even with only one-man operations. It is now not difficult to find a lot of online marketing DIY teaching videos on the video platform. These changes have brought a series of new consumption patterns and expectations in the market. In the past, advertisers tended to hand over the entire monitoring process to the advertising company. As the new generation is more familiar with network applications, many advertisers are looking for marketing services with more autonomy and participation.

Take Google keyword advertising as an example, it is also known as PPC (pay-per-click), in which the SEM price is calculated on a click basis, that is, the advertiser will only be charged after the search engine users have clicked the advertisement. Hello SEO HK, a Hong Kong company specializing in digital marketing and HK SEO, said that many advertisers worry about the final bill under this type of charging plan. Especially for those seasonal industries, new businesses or those who got affected by the epidemic seriously. In order to meet the market demand, Hello SEO has launched a flexible charging plan. Their clients only need to pay a fixed monthly management fee, and the customer can decide the amount of advertising fees according to their business needs every month.  With the help of the free tool Hello SEO Google Ad Budget Calculator, advertisers are able to get an estimated amount of Google Ad budget without providing any personal information.

To enhance customers’ confidence in trying SEO services, Hello SEO’s SEO price is charged according to the SEO performance. If the SEO performance of a particular month is not up to the expected standard, the client does not need to pay any performance fee.

Another big concern is how to monitor the performance of their advertisement. Many companies only provide the advertiser monthly reports, which take a month for the advertiser to review their advertisement performance. Most of the monthly analysis was also too general, which makes the advertiser difficult to set effective advertising strategies. To shorten the waiting time, Hello SEO launched a 24-hour reporting system named DashBoard. Their clients could log in anytime, anywhere and check the hourly updated SEO or SEM marketing results. DashBoard’s reports include organic traffic data, paid traffic data, cost-per-click, impressions, click-through rate, keyword ranking, and even competitor performance comparisons, etc. Obtaining the above detailed information will help advertisers make better promotion strategies.

Google loves unique websites and content, websites built using popular website designers or templates will take longer or become unfeasible when they aim at a good natural ranking in the future. Thus, the demand for building SEO-friendly websites which require a much higher web design price is getting higher recently. This increase could be reflected in Hello SEO’s one-stop digital marketing service, from web design to SEO and online advertising management services. The one-stop service not only usually come at a lower price but also reduces a lot of unnecessary communications.

To attract the eyes of advertisers, professional digital marketing services are now expected to come with autonomy and flexibility.

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