Neusoft Releases Automotive Electronics Milestone Product OneCoreGo3.0

SHENYANG, China, July 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Neusoft Corporation (Neusoft, SSE:600718) has recently released its milestone product in the automotive electronics field, OneCoreGo3.0. As a navigation solution aiming for the global market, the product has integrated Neusoft’s more than 30 years of mass production and overseas project experience in the professional navigation field. It will provide strong support for the global sales and service of automobile brands, and serve global users with its advanced navigation technology.

Compared with its previous versions, OneCoreGo3.0, with openness, flexibility and a high degree of expansibility, further integrates its technical capabilities such as high-precision map rendering, virtual and real image fusion, big data analysis and processing, and multi-ecological cloud services. It brings innovative changes by realizing the expansion of important functional modules such as Lane-level Navigation, AR Navigation and AI Navigation.

Neusoft has been in the global automobile industry since establishment, and after more than 30 years of development, it has grown into an important partner for automobile enterprises that seek innovation in an era of software-empowered automobiles. Over the years, Neusoft has built a global product R&D and delivery network centered in China, Germany, the United States, Japan and Malaysia.

In the global navigation field, Neusoft is dedicated to creating smarter and more active differentiated navigation products for automobile enterprises and users. Meanwhile, it hones the details according to user preferences that vary in different regions, which greatly reduces the costs for auto manufacturers to expand new markets and fully supports them to develop international markets. Supporting more than 20 languages, Neusoft’s global navigation products have been chosen by more than 50 well-known automobile brands, assembled in more than 100 car models and applied in more than 120 countries.

The launch of OneCoreGo3.0 marks the comprehensive upgrade of Neusoft’s smart and eco-friendly global navigation solution, and the product is another innovative technological achievement made by Neusoft which realizes the globalized service. Facing the major trend of software-empowered automobiles, Neusoft will continue to explore and make breakthroughs in various sub-sectors, and contribute to the transformation of the global automobile industry.