NeuroXess Attends WAIC with its First Medical-Grade BCI Product Pipeline

SHANGHAI, Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Brain Sciences Theme Forum of 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) was held at Shanghai World Exhibition and Convention Center on September 2. NeuroXess, a China-based high-tech life science company focusing on flexible electrode BCI (brain-computer interface) technologies, made its debut at the event with a new lineup of products, including NeuroInterface, the first integrated cranial parietal semi-implantable medical-grade BCI, CereCube, a high-frequency EEG signal processor, and MindExplorer, a software and algorithm cloud platform.

NeuroXess founder and CEO Peng Lei said that the new offerings are, for the most part, targeted to two markets. For one, they will serve as a basic research tools platform for the scientific research market to support brain-related projects while, for the other, they can be used to advance clinical trials in stages while remaining in compliance with processes required with therapies for ALS, high paraplegia, blindness and other indications.

The compact-sized NeuroInterface is an integrated cranial parietal semi-implantable BCI designed based on medical-grade implant standards. The BCI can support up to 256 channels, double that of similar applications which are limited to 128 channels. The 30KHz sampling rate can effectively acquire spike signals, while the 16-bit sampling ensures the quality of the EEG data, providing a high-quality data guarantee for the processing software. Moreover, the interface is compatible with various types of EEG signals sampled simultaneously, including spikes, LFP, and ECoG.

The NeuroInterface offerings include three major flexible electrode BCIs that can meet different clinical needs when working with the cortex and the brain’s deeper layers. They are Silktrode, a high throughput flexible deep electrode, Surftrode, a flexible cortical electrode, and Plextrode, a combined deep/cortical electrode.

CereCube is NeuroXess’ first high-frequency EEG signal processor. With a strong high-channel and high-frequency acquisition capability, the processor can support up to 2,048 channels, eight times that of traditional clinical products which are limited to 256 channels. Its medical-grade design provides an effective guarantee for the safety and effectiveness of use. Furthermore, to meet the design requirements for Class II medical devices (NMPA/FDA), the processor is compatible with the most common levels of electrical stimulation when applying SEEG and ECoG, as well as both analog and digital signals, and a variety of peripherals.

MindExplorer is NeuroXess’ software and algorithm cloud platform, which builds a digital brain bank through the information stored in the cloud to enable continuous product iteration. The massive digital brain bank can not only be used for analysis, but also deliver highly robust solutions that can help medical and scientific institutions meet the needs of different scenarios.

Mr. Peng said that the company will extend the reach of its different scenario-based products by working on multiple scientific research lines, including implants, chips, electrodes, implant robots and algorithm databases, with the goal of delivering several new technological innovations every year.