NehNehBaby reveals a training watch for kids aged 2-8 and will fund it on Kickstarter on May 9

HONG KONG, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NehNehBaby, the technology brand aimed at kids and devoted to making parent life easier, announces it will run a Kickstarter campaign for its new product, the Training Watch for kids, from May 9 with an Early Bird price of $29.99. This watch, aimed at kids from 2 to 8 years old, focuses on helping kids form habits. Along with the basic functions of a watch, parents will be able to program alarms and reminders (vibration, ringing, or both) to cultivate children’s regular habits such as drinking water, potty training, brushing teeth, bathing, learning, exercising or other activities by using the custom modes. The watch will have 8 different modes available.

Parents can follow NehNeh Baby’s Training Watch Kickstarter Campaign in this link!

NehNehBaby Training Watch


The Training Watch is specially tailored for kids, made out of soft-touch materials on the outside and a 1.09-inch screen to enjoy cute animations that will make learning easier and more fun. The Training Watch is highly customizable to suit all kinds of needs. It offers different animations, morning/evening themes as well as selectable ringtones to spark children’s curiosity. In addition to all of this, it also features customizable modes to create your reminders.


Gain independence, learn time management, and develop life habits thanks to the Training Watch. Help your kid learn basic habits such as potty training or drinking water thanks to three different alarms Set timers for activities such as toothbrushing, bath, reading, exercising Let your kid to learn how to sync his or her breath with a feature that teaches them exercises to breathe calmly Custom the Training Watch with different ringtones, video animations and themes

The Training Watch crowdfunding campaign will be live on Kickstarter for 40 days and the 25% Early Bird discount will be limited to the first 500 units.


You can download pictures and other information about the NehNehBaby Training Watch at this link.


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NehNehBaby is a new brand founded in 2023 by Jason Cai, a first-time geek millennial dad who wanted to find efficient, tech-driven parenting methods to help him and other parents offload menial tasks and spend more quality time with their babies. The brand is driven by the principles of Science, Comfort, and Efficiency, to help you become a modern parenting partner. Its mission, “Setting the Best Start for Children,” fuels their commitment to crafting thoughtful solutions for the challenges faced by today’s busy parents.