NEC Thailand conducts POC for elderly care in preparation for an aging society

BANGKOK, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NEC Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. (NEC Thailand) has conducted a POC for elderly care in preparation for an aging society. The POC features a range of technological solutions designed to improve elderly care across Asia. The announcement follows a successful month-long trial in June at an elderly care facility in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

During the POC, NEC Thailand’s “Mimamori” system directly supported healthcare professionals in quickly creating an efficient, high-quality framework for care, rehabilitation, and contactless prevention of high-risk incidents with the deployment of intuitive solutions.

NEC Thailand’s findings proved that the digitalisation of operations significantly increased the effectiveness and efficiency of staff duties and improved the quality of care for the elderly. For example, workloads for the Care Manager and direct caregivers reduced by 36% and 48%, respectively. This immediately increased staff satisfaction, enhanced the team’s ability to prepare care plans, and made the handover process seamless. The digitalisation also improved the care home’s sustainability goals by reducing paper waste by 70%.

Mr. Ichiro Kurihara, President, NEC Thailand, said, “New technologies and medical treatments are enabling people to live longer than every before.  With an ageing population however, limited access to quality, long-term care is a reality, and staffing constraints is a constant challenge for care homes. NEC is proud of this Mimamori project, the seamless provision of smart solutions that it enabled, and its optimisation of staff based on residents’ needs, while maintaining the much-needed human interaction.”

Digital transformation of caregiver services

Mimamori is a combination of several applications and technologies. Under this POC, caregivers and care managers were given an online care plan manager that digitised existing paper-based records. Residents’ medical data could then be accessed and updated in real-time, while shift changes amongst caregivers was streamlined.

Meanwhile, family members also enjoyed transparency through the Mimamori app, where they could track the health of their loved ones, be alerted to any changes in their condition and have full access to their care plans.

Critical functions rolled out under the Mimamori project included a medical alert system with fall detection sensors installed in bedrooms and bathrooms. “We discovered that fall detection is a big issue in care facilities,” said Mr. Kurihara. The use of NEC sensors is cutting the staff’s time in responding to falls by half and activating immediate medical help when a resident has a fall.    

The technology utilizes 4D imaging radar technology, a seamless and intuitive solution, which prompts quick action from staff and reduces stress amongst residents. “We are aware of challenges faced with wearable technology amongst seniors. By installing sensors, we are providing a contactless, dignified alternative and in times of emergencies, medical support and response have become immediate.”

Even greater value will come when Mimamori expands beyond elderly care facilities to incorporate a full spectrum of solutions and support for health teleconsultants, emergency services, and municipal agencies. The objective is not just to enrich elderly patient care, but to improve the overall quality of services for healthcare professionals and family members.

“Eventually, I envisage Mimamori evolving with a wider range of tools and innovations to include elderly clients living at home, as a personalised virtual caregiving service for independent, high-quality support and deployment of rapid and effective responses,” said Mr. Kurihara.    

About NEC Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.

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