Nearthlab Joins Panels of Accredited Blade and Drone Experts at Symposia Sponsored by Partner Organizations

Co-founders of leading autonomous drone inspection solution share industry insights at Blades Europe and Onyx Insight Technical Symposium

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nearthlab, an autonomous drone inspection solution, participated as a keynote speaker at the following conferences.

Blades Europe  Onyx Insight Technical Symposium

Namely, Chief Executive Officer Jay Choi made his way over to Germany to take a deep dive into the future of autonomous inspections at Blades Europe, while Chief Technology Officer Youngsuk Chung stayed behind to share the role deep learning and automation play in minimizing downtime. 

Though slightly varied in length and detail, both presentations kicked off with a rundown on the technological legwork that must be taken care of to prevent defects to the blades and, ultimately, the entire turbine. From there, relevant case studies were introduced and analyzed to showcase how convenient, thorough, and fast inspections can be with the right solutions.

“The future of autonomous inspection hinges heavily on how well service providers integrate ad hoc inspections and predictive analytics into the mix,” said co-founder and CTO Youngsuk Chung. “I went in there hoping to show site managers and fellow peers in the industry the ropes on laying out the groundwork for that very future.”

“It seems though that an end-to-end solution is seen almost as this far-fetched concept of distant future,” said co-founder and CEO Jay Choi. “But that’s actually a far cry from reality. With all that Nearthlab is doing to empower operators to conduct standalone inspections on the go and fend off potential defects with predictive maintenance, I believe yesterday’s session was a testament to the fact that what we envision as the future is already at our doorsteps.”

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About Nearthlab

Nearthlab is an AI-powered autonomous inspection platform for infrastructure inspection facilities. Since its launch in 2015, the company has helped wind farms around the world automate and optimize blade inspections.

Nearthlab leverages cutting-edge technologies to bypass inefficiencies at inspection sites and streamline the digital transformation of industrial asset management. With extensive experience in blade inspections, Nearthlab’s autonomous drone takes no more than fifteen minutes to carry out an out-and-out inspection.

The data collected from the inspection is uploaded onto Zoomable – Nearthlab’s cloud-based analytics platform – to be remolded into jewels of insights needed to optimize O&M procedures.

Leading energy corporations have selected Nearthlab as their autonomous drone solution provider. Make inspection easy with drone-driven data.

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