NAVER Z celebrates Safer Internet Day 2023 in collaboration with ConnectSafely

SEONGNAM, South Korea, Feb. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In honor of Safer Internet Day 2023, NAVER Z collaborated with ConnectSafely for their Family Program to highlight ZEPETO’s approach to safety and raise awareness on how to stay safe online.

The joint video features ZEPETO’s official safety avatar Soteria speaking with ConnectSafely’s President and CEO, Larry Magid, about the different measures the company takes to prevent and detect harm, as well as educate the community on digital safety.

Within the platform, ZEPETO is hosting a #BeKind campaign promoted by its leading influencers through the week of February 6 to drive positive engagement and battle cyberbullying. The ZEPETO team will also spotlight its safety resources within the app through Soteria’s account to refresh the community on available safety resources.

This collaboration is NAVER Z’s second safety initiative with ConnectSafely, following the publication of ZEPETO’s Guardians’ Guide last June.

Over the course last year, ZEPETO’s Trust and Safety team focused on building a strong network of partnerships with leading online safety organizations, including ConnectSafely, Tech Coalition, INHOPE, BBB National Programs, and Trust and Safety Professionals Association.

In 2023, they plan to actively engage this network to inform and support upcoming safety initiatives ranging from its first Transparency Report to new safety features.

NAVER Z’s first Transparency Report will be published later this year to provide accountability and visibility into the risks and realities within the platform and its ongoing efforts. The Report will include data and analyses on areas including user reports, content removal, punishment enforcement, appeals, and law enforcement requests.

Explore ZEPETO’s safety resources:

Community Guidelines Guardians’ Guide Crisis Resources Anti-grooming Guide Studio Content Guidelines ZEPETO Live Guidelines

Visit the Safety Center to learn more about NAVER Z’s safety initiatives.

About Safer Internet Day:

Established in Europe in 2003 and now celebrated in over 100 countries around the world, Safer Internet Day is a campaign aimed at raising awareness on emerging online issues– ranging from cyberbullying to protecting identity to mental health– as well as empowering individuals to engage with technology responsibly, respectfully, critically, and creatively. Safer Internet Day is coordinated by the Insafe/INHOPE Network, with the support of the EU Commission and led by NAVER Z’s partner ConnectSafely in the US.

About the #BeKind Campaign

The #BeKind campaign will be hosted within the ZEPETO app through the week of February 6. Led by ZEPETO’s official safety avatar, Soteria, and ZEPETO Creators, the campaign will feature a specially designed “#SID2023” Booth for users to create content and share what kindness means to them, as well as encourage their audiences to engage in acts of kindness in honor of Safer Internet Week.