Nasmedia Awarded TAG Brand Safety Certification

SEOUL, South Korea, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nasmedia (KOSDAQ: 089600), the No. 1 leader in the digital advertising platform in Korea, announced today that it has been awarded the TAG Brand Safety Certified Seal for its global operations for adopting industry best practices to protect its partners from brand safety threats. Nasmedia is the first Korean company to achieve this certification from TAG (the Trustworthy Accountability Group), an organization dedicated to increasing trust and transparency in digital advertising.

TAG Brand Safety Seal

TAG is a cross-industry initiative that combats fraudulent activities and strengthens brand safety in digital marketing. The purpose of the TAG Brand Safety Certified program is to assure advertisers that their partners have taken essential measures to mitigate brand safety risks, thereby allowing marketers to purchase advertising inventory with confidence.

Nasmedia’s certification from TAG underscores its commitment to protecting brand advertisers by adhering to industry best practices for brand safety. This includes actively monitoring and detecting ad misplacement, ensuring that all partner agreements adhere to brand safety and anti-piracy principles, documenting policies and procedures to minimize ad misplacement, and implementing pirate mobile app filtering.

To achieve TAG Brand Safety Certification, Nasmedia was required to demonstrate the following:

Compliance with TAG’s Brand Safety Certified criteria, policies, and procedures for all digital advertising. Transparency regarding AI and human content moderation policies. Review of 100% of monetizable transactions by one or more independently validated content verification services or through the use of inclusion and exclusion lists specific to each agreement. Establishment of compliance monitoring policies to demonstrate adherence to each applicable Brand Safety Principle.

To obtain global certification, Nasmedia underwent an independent audit conducted by the Audit Bureau of Circulations Ltd (ABC). The audit reviewed Nasmedia’s policies, training procedures, back-end systems, monitoring tools, content reviews, and more to ensure that all operations met the comprehensive criteria necessary to receive the certification.

“Brand safety is a top priority for advertisers, and Nasmedia is committed to implementing stringent processes and solutions to protect them from potential brand safety threats and provide assurance that their ads will be placed in safe and suitable environments,” said Park Pyoung-Kwon, CEO of Nasmedia. “We are honored that TAG has recognized our global efforts to build a safer, more transparent, and accountable platform, marking a significant milestone for Korean companies. We look forward to further collaboration with TAG to promote brand safety and elevate industry standards.”

“The TAG Brand Safety Seal demonstrates that a company has established rigorous standards to safeguard its partners from emerging brand threats,” said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG. “We are delighted to recognize Nasmedia for taking the necessary steps to achieve this certification. We look forward to continuing to work with Nasmedia and other partners around the world to further raise our industry’s standards for brand protection.”

About Nasmedia

Over the past decade, Nasmedia has positioned itself as the leading digital advertising platform in Korea. Leveraging privacy-first, AI-based technology, Nasmedia delivers high-quality, relevant ads in brand-safe environments. The company offers various ad formats, including native, display, and video, to provide a positive user experience. This empowers advertisers to drive performance and awareness while enabling publishers to retain and monetize their audiences. In recognition of their achievements, Nasmedia was selected as a top AD Management company in the APAC region by MarTech Outlook, a renowned global advertising magazine.