NaaS Technology Forms Strategic Partnership with CATARC New Energy Vehicle Test Center, Forging a Global ‘Charging Ecosystem’

NaaS leverages its capabilities in digital technologies and AI innovations to form a global ‘charging ecosystem’ applied to going-global EVs. A holistic offering of charging services will be integrated to China’s EVs, enhancing their charging station accessibility and overall charging experience. 

TIANJIN, China, March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NaaS Technology (NASDAQ: NAAS) (“NaaS” or the “Company”), the first US-listed EV charging service company in China, today announced their strategic partnership with CATARC New Energy Vehicle Test Center (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (the “Center”). This collaboration signifies a leap towards internationalizing China’s EV charging solutions, bringing comprehensive services to the global stage.

NaaS has joined forces with China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC), a leading state-owned enterprise in automobile industry standards and research to harness digital and AI technologies. This collaboration will facilitate seamless charging experiences for EV owners across Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Southeast Asia through a variety of platforms, covering everything from locating public charging stations to payment and invoicing.

The alliance will not only cater to EV manufacturers and charging station operators by validating charging performance both domestically and abroad but also explore joint ventures in constructing and operating international charging infrastructure. This strategic move is set to bolster the global presence of China’s EV industry.

Mr. Alex Wu, NaaS’ president and chief financial officer, said, “This strategic partnership with CATARC New Energy Vehicle Test Center is a significant stride in our global outreach efforts. Leveraging the technical advantages and market resources of both parties, we will provide convenient and efficient charging services for EV owners worldwide, while contributing to carbon neutrality practices.”

Jidong Gao, General Manager of CATARC New Energy Vehicle Test Center, commented, “We believe that the cooperation with NaaS is poised to be a formidable force, in driving technical innovation and overseas market expansion of the EV industry, ensuring its sustainability development.”

This marks a significant milestone of NaaS on its way towards overseas market services in the EV industry, achieving CE certification for its 14 charging piles tailored for EU, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. The CE-certified products of NaaS encompass 8 types of DC charging piles ranging from 50 to 240kW in power and 6 types of AC charging piles with power of 7kW,11kW and 22kW respectively. These products have all passed rigorous safety, performance, and environmental tests, and met relevant local market standards.

As a global new energy asset operator, also equipped with AI and digital technology and accumulated charging connective network, NaaS provides holistic services for entire industry chain globally, including siting consultation, EPC, operation & maintenance, energy storage, PV and automatic charging robots, to boost industrial efficiency.

As of September 30, 2023, NaaS connected over 767,000 chargers covering 73,000 charging stations; in the third quarter of 2023, NaaS’ charging volume leaped 66% year over year to 1.383 billion kWh, representing 21.8% of the public charging volume in China.

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