MyyShop Spotlights Creators-Turned-Entrepreneurs at VidCon 2023

ANAHEIM, Calif., June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MyyShop, a cross-border social commerce platform, will showcase its most popular creator partners and their entrepreneurial success stories at the upcoming VidCon 2023. Some of these digital creators will make special appearances at VidCon to share how they transformed their passion into thriving e-commerce business using MyyShop’s comprehensive social commerce tools and services.

MyyShop Spotlights Creators-Turned-Entrepreneurs at VidCon 2023

On June 21st, to mark the beginning of VidCon, an aerial advertisement sponsored by MyyShop will be displayed on the beaches of California. Attendees and creators have the opportunity to connect with the MyyShop team from tomorrow Thursday, June 22nd, to Saturday, June 24th, at Booth #811, situated on the first floor of the Anaheim Convention Center Expo Hall. 

From June 22nd onwards, MyyShop will host a range of online and offline activities, including the Flash Sale, the MyyShop Academy Live Streaming, and on-Booth activities where participants will have the opportunity to win a Limo tour from Anaheim to downtown LA. Click on this link to learn more..

MyyShop will connect directly with digital creators of all types – from nano to mega – and demonstrate how social commerce can empower them to enhance audience engagement, elevate their personal brand, and effortlessly monetize their social media influence.

“We’re excited to meet with creators and prospective partners in person or even virtually, and share with them how MyyShop can be the catalyst to transform their unique brand into a thriving social commerce business,” said Diane Wang, founder, chairperson and CEO of DHgate Group.

“VidCon 2023 presents a unique opportunity to meet new creators with big dreams, spotlight creator empowerment, as well as demonstrate how to quickly set up an efficient social commerce business and how to make it flourish.”

From 11am on June 24th, MyyShop will livestream from its booth an introduction to its MyyShop Academy, sharing more about how creators can update their social commerce knowledge and skills and the types of online courses available at the academy, such as the flagship course “Live Shopping 101” and newest course “Intro to Affiliate Marketing.”

MyyShop Academy offers actionable advice like how to sell directly to customers over features like Instagram Live or how the social commerce platform can connect creators with DHgate’s network of over 2.4 million suppliers and back-end logistics services for order fulfillment – which together simplify social commerce into an effortless selling experience.

MyyShop will also host a speaker session from 4pm on Thursday, June 22nd, at the Anaheim Convention Center Expo Hall, 2nd Floor, Creator Track Room 211AB for digital creators. At the session, creators can glean valuable insights on what makes a viral product on social commerce e-shops, how to translate content creation into a commercial brand or product line, and how to generate commissions from selling a curated selection of products that appeals to creators’ niche target audience. The upcoming session will be led by Nathan Abergel, Growth Marketing Manager at MyyShop. Joining the event will be MyyShop’s esteemed creator partners such as Joey and Gabriel Reed, and Nicole and Renee Stephens, who will share firsthand experiences working with MyyShop’s cutting-edge platform and toolkit.

Adding to the excitement at VidCon, MyyShop will launch daily 1pm flash sales featuring a rotating cast of MyyShop creators selling their favorite products at the minimum price of only $1.99 until supplies run out. As part of the flash sale, MyyShop will provide products endorsed by popular creators (eg. Joey’s Signature Sunglasses, Nicole’s Hair Clip, Dayna’s Pants collection) for new creators who join MyyShop during VidCon to promote on their personal social media accounts.

The purpose of this is to provide a fast way for newly joining creators to quickly generate orders and increase their fan base and engagement. The flash sale is aimed at giving fans of participating creators the opportunity to get exclusive access to products at VidCon. For creators, the sale will help creators connect with new and existing fans and boost their follower count.

Since it was founded in 2020 by e-commerce company DHGATE Group, MyyShop has aimed to empower digital creators – particularly the young and underserved – by lowering barriers to entry into e-commerce and operating their own digital storefront with its intuitive business model. MyyShop believes that by providing its creators with the right resources, toolkit, and ongoing customer support, anyone can successfully kickstart a social commerce business and keep it running at any stage of their creator career journey.

When creators take part in MyyShop’s booth or online activities during VidCon, they will get the chance to hop on an exclusive limo tour – a fun and engaging off-site trip that allows creators to create stylish and unique content for their social media accounts.

Throughout VidCon, MyyShop will be making an eye-catching splash with aerial brand advertising and a prominent billboard at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles.

About MyyShop

MyyShop is a pioneering social commerce platform launched by DHGATE Group that provides an effortless selling experience on social media. MyyShop equips content creators with online store creation tools and AI-powered tailored product recommendations that audiences are not able to resist. MyyShop gives creators the opportunity to sell with confidence by knowing which products are in demand at all times, all backed by a world-leading supply chain.

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