MyyShop Makes Waves at SXSW with Social Commerce Empowerment Plans for Content Creators

AUSTIN, Texas, March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MyyShop, a cross-border social commerce platform launched by DHGATE Group in 2020, completed a successful four-day exhibit at SXSW Creative Industries Expo, held from March 12-15, 2023 in Austin, Texas. MyyShop booth at the Austin Convention Center attracted thousands of attendees who were eager to learn about the platform’s AI-powered capabilities, including empowering creators to discover viral products quickly, build customized stores, and earn commission on sales.

MyyShop, a cross-border social commerce platform launched by DHGATE Group in 2020, completed a successful four-day exhibit at SXSW Creative Industries Expo

“We are thrilled with the positive responses we received at SXSW,” said Diane Wang, founder, chairperson, and CEO of DHGATE Group. “As the only exhibitor from China in this year’s CIE, MyyShop’s AI-powered platform and the insightful panel discussion at SXSW Next Stage resonated well with attendees. We believe that we have the right tools and the right message to help content creators and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) entrepreneurs reach their full potential.”

MyyShop held a panel discussion themed Unlocking the Power of Social Commerce at the Next Stage of CIE on March 15, giving visitors an opportunity to learn how social commerce is transforming the retail landscape in America. The panelists discussed how social commerce had taken Asia by storm and would shake the US and global market in the future, how MyyShop enable creators to conveniently “Share to Earn” by sharing a shoppable link on their own social accounts, for the trending products they love, with their followers and fans. They also shared the success stories of some content creators and discussed the future of social commerce in America, including how individuals like stay-at-home moms, unemployed adults, and young entrepreneurs could cash in on this retail revolution.

MyyShop panelists also shared, only in 2022, content creators made over $3.5 million from recommending their favorite DHgate products to shoppers on various social media platforms. The event’s highlights included a content creator specializing in home décor who shared with the audience how she built her store and recommended chairs, tables, and vases that went viral on TikTok.

In the past two years, Myyshop has worked and built partnerships with global content creators with experience in social commerce, empowered creators through the Academy program, and hosted events to support their entrepreneurial dreams. Looking to the future, MyyShop will expand small business catalogs from local small businesses in the US to MyyShop, create a custom product line for selected partners and content creators, and allow merchants to directly access a functional creator marketplace.

“We are on a journey to guide creators through the social commerce trend that will take over the world and change the way creators work with brands, and we plan to do so with transparency, inclusivity, and heart,” the panelists expressed the mission of MyyShop at Next Stage.

Outside the SXSW venue, MyyShop brand appeared in Times Square, one of the iconic commercial intersections in New York City, on March 15, spreading its signal to change the retail landscape in the US in a more magnificent way.

About MyyShop

MyyShop is a pioneering social commerce platform launched by DHGATE Group that allows effortless selling on social media. MyyShop aims to provide content creators with online store creation tools, as well as AI-powered, tailored product recommendations that their audiences will find irresistible, allowing them to sell with confidence knowing the products are in demand and backed by a world-leading supply chain that delivers to increase earnings quickly. For more information, please visit and follow @MyyShopOfficial 

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