MSTAR Marks Four Years of Triumphant Partnership with HokuApps in Implementing An Innovative Digital Suite that Offers Rewards and Benefits to their Esteemed Customers

This significant occasion allows us to reflect on MSTAR’s successful automation of their customer journey, where they skillfully balanced the goal of providing seamless customer experiences with the intricacies of turning that vision into reality.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HokuApps, a global player in next-generation digital transformation services, is immensely proud of its three-year long, meaningful relationship with MSTAR, a leading financial provider in Singapore delivering a suite of product offerings and professional advisory through the network of financial consultants and bank partners for more than 15 years. This momentous celebration enables both organizations to reflect on their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value and expertise to customers, with the provision of significant value-added digital solutions, leading to customer retention and growth.

MSTAR first partnered up with HokuApps back in 2019 to develop and deploy an enterprise solution consisting of two fully featured applications, one for their customers and another for their own financial consultants supported by a web backend administrative console for the internal team. The novel lifestyle and financial application, named “MSTAR”, catering to both existing and new customers was successfully launched in March 2020. It centered around the main objective of providing users with seamless access to upcoming financial events and seminars, facilitating easy registration for participation. The innovative application enables users to save while spending at selected merchants, providing discounts and loyalty stamps at various restaurants, cafes, hotels and more. Furthermore, the applications are equipped with three dedicated financial calculators, each designed to cater to users with unique financial objectives. These encompass the Retirement Calculator, Financial Goal Calculator, and Child Education Fund Calculator.

Over the past four years, the partnership between MSTAR and HokuApps has continued to evolve and intensify. By leveraging HokuApps’ proprietary low-code platform, they were able to make changes, iterations, and fine-tune their application with ease, without resorting to manual workarounds or experiencing service downtime. Following the app’s launch, MSTAR dedicated themselves to crafting a captivating user interface, aiming to deliver an immersive, engaging, and interactive experience for their customers. As a result, the customer application’s user interface underwent enhancements to ensure a seamless and intuitive customer experience.

On top of that, the applications recently received three new features: “Deals of the Day”, a file sharing module and a fourth calculator called the “Retirement Goal Calculator”. The “Deals of the Day” feature allows third-party merchants to offer time-limited discounts, displayed in the app for users to avail themselves of. Conversely, the file sharing module permits financial consultants to share files in image or PDF formats with customers. The inclusion of the Retirement Goal Calculator aims to assist customers in calculating and planning their finances, enabling them to boost their monthly retirement savings and achieve a specific retirement savings goal. These enhancements were developed and integrated into the app during the first quarter of 2023.

“We are truly pleased and satisfied with the mutually beneficial, synergistic relationship that we have had with HokuApps’ over the last four years. We believe that this strategic alliance has significantly contributed to our digital transformation initiatives and technological growth.,” said Wendy Seah, Marketing Executive at MSTAR. “In the face of increasing competition and evolving customer expectations, we understand the importance of delivering a seamless digital experience that aligns with our customers’ preferences. Improving the customer experience was a vital measure that needed to be taken to earn our customers’ trust and differentiate ourselves in the market.”

“We feel privileged and honored to be a part of the implementation process of the MSTAR application. We utilized our low-code technology to facilitate MSTAR’s embrace of agile adoption. Being agile enabled them to iteratively and promptly make the necessary changes to their mobility solution in order to meet their customer’s expectations and drive the overall success of the app,” said Arif Gafar, Director of Sales at HokuApps. “Looking ahead, we hope that the new innovation will help them to outperform competitors and truly stand out in the market.”

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