MPI SENTIO(R) and QAlibria(R) Unsurpassed Usability is Now Extended to Automated Four-Port RF System Calibration

HSINCHU, Taiwan, Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MPI Corporation’s Advanced Semiconductor Test Division, an industry and innovation leader in semiconductor RF test solutions, demonstrated unattended four-port RF calibration and measurements supported by the new versions of QAlibria® and SENTIO®, MPI’s fully-integrated RF calibration and probe system control software suites. The unique solution was developed for MPI’s probe systems to address the measurement challenges, including 6G applied research and application development.

Unattended system calibration is supported on MPI’s automated RF probe systems configured with up to four motorized MicroPositioners for four-port single-ended and differential measurements. The RF calibration can be executed with dedicated wafer-embedded calibration standards or commercially available calibration substrates. Intelligent algorithms of QAlibria® and SENTIO® manage an automated probe-to-pad alignment on individual standards that, for the probe-tip calibration, can be located on two rectangular-configured calibration substrates.

Unattended four-port system calibration with two rectangular-configured calibration substrates

“The automation and significant simplification of complex calibration tasks within multiport measurement systems help our customers to reduce time-to-data drastically and to increase the confidence of the acquired multiport/differential devices under test characteristics”, said Andrej Rumiantsev, Director of RF Technologies of the Advanced Semiconductor Test Division. “From the first version of MPI’s RF calibration software QAlibria® that we released in 2014, we relentlessly fulfill our mission to make the complex and tedious RF system calibration simple, sure, and accessible for all.”

SENTIO® and QAlibria® unsurpassed usability is now extended to the automated four-port system calibration. Such pioneering features of QAlibria® and SENTIO®, as the full integration into the single-window multi-touch user experience, seamless workflows supported by intelligent wizards, configuration algorithms, data, and calibration accuracy verification tools help even inexperienced operators to complete system calibration and device measurement tasks in the shortest time and with the highest confidence.

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