Moutai’s Global Tour: Bridging Cultures and Championing Sustainability in a “Mei”-Inspired Odyssey

RENHUAI, China, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In September 2023, the celebrated Kweichow Moutai Group (“Moutai” or “the Group”) took Chinese liquor culture global with its “Xie Mei” tour. This journey, steeped in dialogue on environmental sustainability, shone a spotlight on the timeless allure of China’s traditional liquor culture.

Led by the Group’s “One-game strategy,” which involves integrating the international and domestic markets and aligning products, pricing, channels, and cultural communication across different markets, Moutai embarked on a global tour with significant stops in Japan, France, and the United Kingdom. Over a whirlwind 11 days, they hosted over 40 events, each designed to share the rich cultural tapestry of traditional Chinese liquor and the philosophy of “Mei” with the world.

The Moutai journey began in Japan with the inauguration of a cultural center in Tokyo’s chic Ginza neighborhood, setting a new cultural milestone for the brand. Continuing on, the tour proceeded to Paris, further enhancing its global presence through the enrichment of product culture and service offerings. London marked the tour’s culmination, where Moutai engaged in a dialogue with global peers. This ultimately led to international partnerships, demonstrating a shared commitment to environmental sustainability.

Moutai’s concept of “Mei” transcends traditional notions of beauty, embracing a deeper commitment to life and cultural aspirations. In London, the brand orchestrated the Global Spirits T3 Dialogue, an event characterized by discussions on the interplay of heritage and innovation with a sustainable vision for the future. Chairman Ding Xiongjun of the Group eloquently outlined the synergy between Moutai’s heritage and eco-consciousness, underscoring the company’s dedication to elevating the human experience.

Moutai demonstrated its rich historical and artistic heritage by curating an eclectic array of multicultural festivities. The events ranged from art exhibitions to opera-themed dinners and friendly table tennis matches. At the “Night of Reunion” held in Paris, an elegant blend of cultures was on display as Moutai masterfully intertwined the art of fine liquor with the allure of opera and the delights of haute cuisine, celebrating the harmonious melding of Chinese and French traditions.

Navigating the digital era, Moutai is actively extending its cultural reach internationally, harnessing both digital and physical spaces to captivate a global audience. The brand’s strategic use of cultural hubs, international trade entities, and digital forums has fostered intimate connections with consumers worldwide, amplifying the presence of Chinese liquor culture on the global stage.

A highlight of the journey featured a replica of a vintage Moutai bottle from the 1950s, representing both the brand’s storied past and its commitment to innovation. The gesture, resonant with Moutai’s vision of “Beautiful Times, Beautiful Life,” injected a fresh zest into international cultures, showcasing the brand’s universal allure.

Moutai’s international odyssey transcends a mere exhibition of liquor culture; it is a voyage of exchange and enlightenment. Tackling current concerns of global warming and sustainability, the brand has embraced its “Mei” philosophy as a conduit for blending Chinese and Western traditions. With tangible initiatives, Moutai is not just showcasing the richness of China’s spirit traditions but also enriching the tapestry of global culture.