More than ten thousand dollars send away as bonuses in the Boston Online Marathon

HOUSTON, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The PitPat Boston Online Marathon is still underway. According to PitPat, more than 1,000 people have signed up and nearly 200 have finished.

PitPat Online Marathon

The Boston Online Marathon is held by PitPat, an online competition platform. PitPat is the world’s largest online event platform focused on virtual running competitions. Through the connection of the smart treadmill, you can feel the immersive running experience in PitPat, and you can get bonuses based on the ranking which is well over $8,000 for one of our runners.

The PitPat Boston Online Marathon is more suited to the home scene. PitPat has redesigned and innovated the marathon by making changes to the rules of the race online. The total distance of this online marathon is 6 miles, and every 2 miles is one stage. During the challenge of a single stage, you can pause for rest, but the duration of the pause shall not exceed 30 minutes, and the whole race shall not exceed 6 hours. If you exit the App in the middle of the race and return, you need to re-enter the stage. If you exit the App without coming back, it will be regarded as a challenge failure.

We make The Boston Marathon more flexible by going online. In a real-world marathon, runners have to go to a specific place and run at a specific time. The Boston Online Marathon allows runners to complete the race from anywhere in the world at any time within 4 days. This makes it easier for runners to schedule events and enter them at times that suit them.

The user won’t feel alone in our Marathon, even though it’s an online event. Through social media and a smart voice system built into the software, runners can connect with each other and share their experiences while running a marathon. This can provide motivation and inspiration for runners to beat their personal bests.

To encourage users to participate in the PitPat Online Marathon, a total of more than $10,000 will be awarded once complete the challenge, and we will distribute the ranking reward for the event. According to PitPat, the majority of the bonus comes from sponsorship by partner brands such as StarPower, DeerRun, and Superun. A small portion is officially sponsored by PitPat to motivate users to stay fit and challenge themselves over the long term.

Using the StarPower brand as an example, the smart treadmill has the following features:

1. The 3-horsepower motor provides not only stable machine operation, but also adjustable speeds of 0.6-7.5MPH and ultra-quiet experience

2. Oversized 16.5″ x 45.5″ belt provides 300 lb load bearing capacity, perfect for long distance training.

3. Foldable and movable, it can be conveniently stored under sofa or bed without occupying space.

4. Real-time tracking of user speed, distance, heart rate and calories via LED digital display and app analytics.

Compared to other smart treadmills, the brands PitPat works with are more suitable for home fitness. In order to meet online competition standards, PitPat has innovatively added an anti-cheating system and added intelligent modules to address competition fairness issues, such as biometrics, gravity sensing and heart rate monitoring. This means that the smart treadmill has moved beyond the traditional definition and could be called a home race treadmill.

PitPat officially hosts 1-vs-1 PK and Multi-Player Run, and supports tens of thousands of participants at the same time. The official plan is to launch a brand-only competition in May, in which users will receive extra rewards for participating in an online competition using a designated brand of treadmill, also from a partner treadmill brand, we offering additional benefits to those who buy the brand.

PitPat is developed and launched by JOYFIT team using smart sports interconnection technology. It is also the world’s largest online competition platform. At present, it supports smart training, smart voice interaction, free event participation, and other functions.

Meantime, PitPat is building a professional video course to provide more exercise for our users, this part of the content is free for all users and does not charge any other fees.

To learn more about the PitPat online competition platform, please visit the PitPat website or follow the following social media platforms: