Montage Technology Delivers World’s First Gen1 DDR5 Clock Driver Engineering Samples

SHANGHAI, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Montage Technology, a leading data processing and interconnect IC design company, today announced that it is delivering the world’s first Gen1 DDR5 Clock Driver (CKD or DDR5CK01) samples to the top DRAM memory vendors for their development of memory modules used in new-generation desktop and notebook computers.

Montage Technology’s DDR5 Gen1 Clock Driver (DDR5CK01)

For a long time, the clock driver functions have been integrated onto the register clock driver (RCD) device, which is used in the server platforms, rather than the PC computers. With the boost of the DDR5 data rate, the frequency of the clock signal becomes higher and higher, and the signal integrity issue of the clock becomes more and more challenging. As the DDR5 data rate reaches 6400MT/s and above, the memory modules such as UDIMMs and SODIMMs used in desktop and notebook computers, will need an on-DIMM clock driver to buffer and re-drive the clock signal of the memory modules, to meet the signal integrity and reliability requirement of the high-speed clock signal.

With nearly 20 years of expertise and in-depth understanding of memory interface products, Montage Technology has been closely tracking the memory market trend and now becomes the leading vendor to roll out the world’s first DDR5CK01 chip. The chip is used to buffer the clock signal coming from the CPU of desktop and notebook computers and then re-drive the output clocks to the DRAMs on the memory module. Compliant with the JEDEC DDR5CK01 standard, the DDR5CK01 chip supports data rate up to 6400MT/s and low-power management mode.

“We are very delighted to deliver our first DDR5CK01 engineering samples to the industry-leading DRAM vendors to support the development of the new-generation PC memory. Montage will continue to foster technology innovation to provide complete and premier memory interface solutions for memory vendors,” said Mr. Stephen Tai, President at Montage Technology.