Monport Launches New Split Fiber Laser Engravers with Enhanced Features for Simplified and Safer Operations

BOSTON, Oct. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Monport Laser has announced the launch of their advanced upgraded split fiber laser engraver. The latest offering from the company is an upgraded version of the previous Monport fiber laser, and it promises exceptional laser creation experiences that cater to the needs of professionals in the industry.

Monport Laser has continuously upgraded its products to deliver innovative solutions that offer an outstanding user experience. The upgraded split fiber lasers are the latest product of the company’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction. With the launch of this new product, Monport Laser has incorporated several new features and enhancements that deliver a simplified and superior laser engraving experience compared to the previous fiber laser model.

Simplified Operation and Quick Response Capability

One of the key highlights of the new split fiber laser is its simplified operation. The machine now features an emergency button, a second protective lock key, and an integral switch button, enabling users to start and shut down the machine with just one key. This significant improvement in operation convenience saves time and streamlines the workflow compared to the previous model, where users had to turn on and off multiple buttons.

Another notable feature of the new split fiber laser is its quick response capability. Equipped with an emergency button, the machine can be shut down promptly in case of an emergency, significantly improving the emergency response capabilities compared to the previous model.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Furthermore, Monport Laser has taken substantial steps to enhance the security of the equipment. The introduction of a second protective lock key ensures an additional layer of safety, providing users with peace of mind. In addition, the new model includes triple safety protection, consisting of an emergency button, a physical key switch, and a pair of fans to ensure stable operation and prevent accidents.

Upgraded Fans and Power Supplies

Monport has also prioritized optimizing heat dissipation in the new split fiber laser. The addition of dual fans inside the machine enhances the heat dissipation function, ensuring the stable operation and longevity of the equipment. Additionally, the power supply has been upgraded to provide more stability, integrate the voltage adjustment to 110/220v, and minimize potential issues related to voltage fluctuations.

Simplified Installation Process

Compared to the previous Monport fiber laser model that required significant assembly, the new upgraded split fiber laser can be assembled quickly and with minimal assistance. After receiving the goods, the handle is the only component required to be assembled.

The upgraded Monport split fiber laser represents a major improvement on the previous model, providing laser engraving professionals with superior laser creation experiences that cater to their needs. With a simple yet powerful selling point – “One-button operation, double safety, super heat dissipation, simpler, safer, and more stable!” – the new upgraded split fiber lasers are a game-changer for the laser engraving industry.

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