Monport Laser Unveils Unbeatable 2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Event With Free Accessories

CHICAGO, Nov. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Prepare yourself for the highly anticipated shopping extravaganza of the year – Black Friday! Monport Laser is thrilled to add an extra touch of enchantment to this extraordinary day. As a renowned manufacturer of laser engraving machines, Monport Laser is proudly announcing their eagerly awaited Black Friday and Cyber Monday Events. Taking place from today to November 30th, this event offers an exceptional chance for individuals and businesses alike to acquire top-of-the-line laser engravers and cutters at unbeatable prices. Explore the Monport Black Friday Event now and seize this incredible opportunity.

Monport Black Friday Event – The Biggest Sale Of The Year

Don’t miss out on the Monport Black Friday event, where you can enjoy incredible discounts on a wide selection of laser engraving machines. With discounts of up to 60%, you’ll find a range of products available, from the beginner-friendly K40 Pro to the high-end 150W laser. This is undoubtedly the biggest sale of the year, and you wouldn’t want to miss these discounts before they’re gone for good.

Get Free Accessories With the Purchase Of Certain Machines

The Monport Black Friday event brings you an incredible opportunity to not only save on laser engraving machines but also receive additional accessories for free with your purchase. When you purchase a Fiber laser engraver or a CO2 80W or higher laser engraving machine, you’ll have the privilege of choosing two of the following accessories at no extra charge:

Lightburn DSP license: Enhance your laser engraving capabilities with this powerful design and control software, valued at $120. Monport air fume extractor: Maintain a clean and healthy working environment with this efficient fume extraction system, valued at $225. Monport 4-wheel rotary: Easily engrave cylindrical objects and expand your creative possibilities with this versatile rotary attachment, valued at $170. Fiber rotary: Unlock the potential to create intricate designs on round objects with this specialized fiber rotary, valued at $319. Fiber lens: Achieve sharper and more precise engraving results with this high-quality fiber lens, valued at $129. $150 gift card to the Monport website: Enjoy the freedom to choose any accessories or products of your liking with this generous gift card.

Enhance Your Laser Engraving Experience with Essential Accessories

Laser engraving accessories play a crucial role in enhancing the laser engraving experience. Here are some accessories available on Monport Laser’s website and how they can improve your engraving results:

Water Chiller: A water chiller is a necessary accessory for CO2 laser engravers. It helps cool down the laser tube effectively, ensuring stable cutting results and prolonging the service life of the laser.

Air Purifier: An air purifier is essential for maintaining a clean working environment while engraving. It helps filter out fumes and dust particles generated during the engraving process, ensuring a safe and healthy workspace.

Rotary Attachment: A rotary attachment is a game-changer for engraving cylindrical and rounded objects. By using a rotary attachment, you can easily engrave on items such as tumblers, bottles, and cylindrical artwork, expanding your creative possibilities.

Laser Engraver Software: Laser engraver software like LightBurn provides advanced design and control capabilities. It allows you to create intricate designs, adjust engraving settings, simulate the process, and achieve precise results with ease.

Fiber Lens: A fiber lens is a high-quality lens that improves the precision and sharpness of engraved designs. Upgrading to a fiber lens can enhance the engraving quality and achieve finer details on various materials.

Laser Tube: The laser tube is one of the most critical components of a CO2 laser engraver. It is responsible for emitting the laser beam used for engraving. Upgrading to a high-quality laser tube can significantly improve the engraving speed and power output, resulting in better engraving results.

These accessories, along with others available on Monport Laser’s website, are designed to enhance your laser engraving experience by improving cutting precision, expanding material options, and providing a more efficient workflow.

Browse the Monport website to explore all the incredible deals, sales, and discounts available during their Black Friday event. Simply visit the Black Friday laser engraver landing page to see the full range of promotions throughout the event.

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