Monport Laser Unveils New GP Series and GI Series Fiber Lasers to redefine the Precision and Performance

SEATTLE, July 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Monport Laser has been at the forefront of laser engraving innovation, spearheading the development of cutting-edge laser engravers and cutters. Building upon its world-leading expertise in the laser engraving industry, the company is now ready to captivate the market with its latest breakthroughs. In August, Monport Laser is scheduled to announce a range of new laser engraving machines, specifically engineered to handle various materials.

After six months of relentless effort from Monport’s development technical team, their eagerly anticipated product will finally be revealed to all laser creators in early August of this year. The development of this innovative machine began with thousands of customer survey questionnaires for laser marking machines, rigorous testing, and product designer assessments. Engineers conducted over a dozen rounds of machine sample screening and in the final design stage, they took the unusual step of bringing in external senior personnel and engraving novices to carry out engraving tests for an entire month. This dedication to improvement and openness to feedback ensures a professional and user-friendly final fiber laser.

Monport GP Fiber Laser Series is not only Lightweight but Compact

Laser engraving machines have long faced difficulties when it comes to laser focusing, causing technical support headaches. Monport’s latest innovation in marking machine can answer all these troubles. The new product boasts an electric and manual double lifting focus method, designed to make laser focusing seamless and improve the final engraving result. With this cutting-edge technology, users can operate without any barriers, and achieve the perfect, professional engraving effect.The electric lifting focus is suitable for beginners while the manual focus is the best for experienced users. This new integrated fiber laser is truly versatile in achieving any special engraving effects needed.

Breaking away from the conventional split type designs flooding the market, Monport introduces a game-changing one-piece design for their latest marking machine. This ingenious development not only saves valuable space but also ensures portability becomes a breeze. Bella, a senior developer at Monport Laser, proudly declared, “Our exceptional team of female developers has personally experienced the convenience of this machine. They effortlessly moved it from one studio to another, adjusting the base’s height for easy handling right off the table. The commitment to a user-friendly experience is not just a mere claim.” 

In striking comparison to other conventional 33kg machines, Monport GP Series Fiber Series introduces their groundbreaking 20-22 kg all-in-one machine, setting a new industry standard for its exceptional lightness. The machine boasts rounded leading corners, diligently crafted to prevent unwanted bumps and damage during handling and transportation. Monport’s thoughtful consideration extends further with the addition of a dustproof board, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Endowed with an exceptional user-friendly experience and multifunctional capabilities, this machine embodies Monport Laser’s unwavering dedication to continuous upgrades, always keeping the user at the forefront.

Monport GI Series MOPA Lasers Redefine Color Fast Marking

Monport’s exciting product launch not only includes the highly anticipated new additions to the GP Series but also showcases the cutting-edge GI Series color engraving fiber machine. This JPT MOPA fiber laser is built to last, offering precision, durability, and longevity that surpasses expectations. With its remarkable laser cutting capability, it can effortlessly cut up to 0.05 mm with each pass, achieving an astonishing accuracy of ±0.1 microns.

Extensive Support and Remarkable Fiber Accessories

Complementing the multitude of advantages offered by their cutting-edge machine, Monport Laser goes above and beyond by providing customers with comprehensive support and unparalleled expandability. The new fiber series from Monport introduces a range of accessories designed to elevate the engraving experience. One notable addition is the safety shells, embedded with radiation protection and noise reduction functions, creating a secure and tranquil environment for users.

As a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction, Monport Laser also includes 10 different test materials, ranging from metal rings to key chains and cards made from various metal materials, enabling users to explore and experiment with ease.

By empowering businesses and industries, expanding the creative landscape for maker spaces, unleashing innovation, and creating opportunities for growth, Monport Laser is at the forefront of revolutionizing the laser engraving field.

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