Monport Fireproof Series Faces Safety Standards of Commercial Laser Engravers

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In the field of commercial CO2 laser engravers, acrylic observation windows are so common that few people will notice how much this change brings to the engraving experience. Many people in the engraving industry will pay attention to the issue of laser safety. The change of the material of the observation window will greatly affect the change of the radiation value. Secondly, a material with high flame resistance can provide invisible protection for players who engrave flammable objects such as wood.

Monport Laser, the leader in the laser engraving machine industry in Seattle, has also noticed this. As early as the first half of 2022, they launched a special flame-retardant PC material observation window CO2 laser cutter, setting a new industry standard for laser engraving technology. Engineered for safety and performance, this cutting-edge range from Monport offers professionals in a variety of industries unrivaled engraving capabilities.

The Monport Fireproof Series is the result of extensive research and the incorporation of customer feedback to enhance the engraving experience. One of the standout features of this series is the fireproof observation window, which utilizes PC materials instead of traditional acrylic. The PC material offers superior protection and eliminates safety concerns associated with acrylic. It boasts properties such as lightweight, weather resistance, super strength, flame retardant, and sound insulation. With exceptional heat resistance and high flame retardant, the PC observation window guarantees a safe and clear view of the carving process, allowing for precise and detailed laser engraving.

To ensure durability and minimize external interference, the fireproof series is equipped with an enclosed aeronautical aluminum rail. This specialized closed-track design prevents contact with smoke, debris, and high-temperature particles, resulting in prolonged service life and maintaining high positioning accuracy. The closed design also extends the lifespan of the guide rail, optimizing the overall performance of the machine.

Safety and efficiency are further enhanced with the built-in air assist system. Laser cutting can sometimes cause sparks that burn or melt materials. Monport Laser engraving machines overcome this challenge by incorporating an air pump that directs compressed air onto the material. This feature reduces burning and melting, blows away cutting dust, and safeguards the lens’ durability, ensuring precise and clean cuts. The pressurized airflow achieved through the air assistance system eliminates debris, heat, and combustible gases, reducing the risk of fire and enhancing engraving accuracy.

Craftsmen and professionals working in dimly lit environments will appreciate the LED light strips incorporated in the fireproof series. These light strips are strategically positioned to provide optimal visibility of the engraving progress, enabling users to monitor and control the process with ease.

For precise alignment, Monport fireproof series features a red dot guidance system. This system generates a visible red dot, indicating the laser head’s position and marking the working path and project size. The red dot guidance allows users to streamline their operations, speeding up marking processes and providing enhanced guidance throughout the engraving process.

Monport’s commitment to safety extends to the automatic safety sensor included in the Fireproof Series. This unique design feature ensures convenience and peace of mind, automatically stopping the machine in the event of an open machine cover or observation window. The safety shutdown sensor acts as an additional layer of protection, ensuring safe usage and preventing accidents.

The Monport fireproof series 60W-150W laser engravers, including medium laser engravers and high powered laser provide an unrivaled combination of safety, reliability, and efficiency. Whether used for intricate artwork, industrial applications, or personal projects, these machines deliver precision and peace of mind.

Achieving precise focus is pivotal in laser-cutting applications. With the Monport Fireproof Series, operators can rely on the automatic focusing function. Traditionally, manual focusing requires technical skills and can impact product accuracy and production efficiency. The automatic focusing function eliminates these concerns by adjusting the focus to the optimal position for different materials and thicknesses. This saves time, reduces consumables, and leads to significant cost savings.

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