Monotype welcomes Milieu Grotesque and Paulo Goode type catalogues to the Monotype family

WOBURN, Mass., March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today Monotype® announced its acquisition of five premium typeface families from the Milieu Grotesque catalogue and Paulo Goode’s current type catalogue.


First established in 2010 by graphic designers Timo Gaessner and Alexander Colby, Milieu Grotesque was originally founded as a type platform for designers. Under Timo Gaessner and Maiko Gubler’s direction, the business grew into a highly regarded foundry with a reputation for creating enduring and elegant type. The five Milieu Grotesque typeface families include Maison Neue (a super family of 40 styles in minimalist homage to early-twentieth century modernist design), Boutique (a sophisticated sans serif typeface that pays homage to the Didone skeleton), Patron (a sans serif influenced by two dissimilar type designers, Günther Gerhard Lange and Roger Excoffon), Maison (a mono-lined grotesque constructed using rigid elements to achieve a minimalist industrial feel), and Chapeau (loosely inspired by a Johnny Cash letter written on an old IBM typewriter).

Timo Gaessner said, “Monotype is the perfect home for the Milieu Grotesque catalogue and we’re excited to see what Monotype’s ‘fresh pair of eyes’ will bring to the typefaces in terms of technology developments and design evolutions.”

Originally a graphic and website designer, Paulo Goode first embraced type design in 2014. Since then, he has created a rich and diverse catalogue of type, mainly focused on branding uses. Paulo’s current catalogue includes forty-two typefaces including Audacious (a confident and quirky serif), Cream (a soft serif inspired by Oswald Bruce Cooper’s eponymous typeface), and Majesty (a refined, incised typeface inspired by the centuries-long tradition of engraved type).

Paulo Goode stated “Since the start in 2015, Monotype really helped to nurture my talent and elevate my work. Although I’m a one-man foundry, Monotype recognized the quality and value of my output and promoted my fonts to their Premium Collections in 2020. Monotype’s recent acquisition of my portfolio is a fantastic way to draw a line under my first seven years as a type designer. Selling to Monotype ensures that my fonts have a permanent home and that they will continue to be available long after I’m gone.”

With the acquisition, the Paulo Goode type catalogue will continue to be available through all Monotype’s platforms. The Milieu Grotesque typefaces will be available as part of the Monotype Fonts plus inventory collection through Monotype Fonts which combines more than 40,000 typefaces with the expertise of Monotype’s world-renowned type designers and trusted, secure font management.

Ninan Chacko, Monotype’s CEO said, “With these acquisitions by Monotype, Milieu Grotesque and Paulo Goode’s typefaces will join one of the world’s largest type libraries. Our stewardship will increase global visibility for these premium typefaces and put them in the hands of thousands of creative professionals around the world. As part of the Monotype family, these two catalogues of ‘future classics’ will be continually updated to reflect the latest advances in technology and typographic trends, ensuring they remain relevant for many, many years to come.”