MOMAX Smart Becomes the First Hong Kong Brand to Launch Matter Innovative Technology Product Series

Exclusive Pre-sale Co-organized with Hong Kong Broadband and Yoho

HONG KONG, July 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —  As a pioneer in innovative smart home technology, MOMAX has always been committed to excellence and innovation. Today, MOMAX announces the official launch of the smart home products integrated with Matter, becoming the first Hong Kong brand to enter the Matter ecosystem and unveiling the most significant event in the IoT field this year. 

MOMAX Smart Becomes the First Hong Kong Brand to Launch Matter Innovative Technology Product Series

Matter is a protocol led by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) with members including industry giants, and is a new open-source smart home standard aimed at improving the interoperability of various smart home devices. MOMAX is at the forefront of entering the Matter ecosystem by launching smart home products integrated with Matter, bringing more convenient and safer smart home experiences to consumers. 

Easy Living – Just a Simple Matter

The first local brand smart home product combined with Matter supports multiple mainstream smart home platforms, such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, allowing users to freely choose and easily switch between different smart home control platforms. Matter has a robust security mechanism to ensure users’ privacy and data security are fully protected. Users can now download the MOMAX Smart app, and the system will support a variety of smart home devices for easy expansion of smart home system functions.

The product will be exclusively pre-sold on MOMAX website, Hong Kong Broadband Shoppy, and Yoho

MOMAX will collaborate with Hong Kong Broadband and Yoho to be the priority sale of Matter gateway and light bulb at an affordable price encouraging Hong Kong people to experience the convenience of smart home living and the new generation of home life. Starting from July 18th, MOMAX‘s Matter products will be available for sale on, Hong Kong Broadband’s Shoppy, and Yoho. This collaboration is believed to help the three parties achieve synergies in the smart home field, creating greater value for customers.

Smart Gateway 2.0 (SL13S)

The first local brand product to support the Matter gateway, Smart Gateway 2.0 allows cross-platform connectivity with major smart home ecosystems like Apple, Google, and Alexa through Matter. At the same time, it connects with various sensors through Zigbee and Thread wireless technology for convenient smart device management, truly becoming the central hub of smart homes. It’s an essential tool for upgrading your smart home to full automation.

Product link:
Suggested retail price: HK$498 

Smart Rainbow LED (IB12S)

The product offers a variety of lighting scene options controlled through WiFi for various lighting effects, meeting users’ diverse needs. This smart bulb is the first local brand product to support Matter, providing wide compatibility with multiple smart home platforms and bringing a more convenient smart home experience.

Product link:
Suggested retail price: HK$99

In addition to the exclusive pre-sale on, Hong Kong Broadband Shoppy, and Yoho, MOMAX‘s Matter products will soon be available in numerous sales outlets across Hong Kong, including Broadway, Fortress, Watsons, Sincere, Aeon, Log-on, HKTV Mall, TownGas, The Club, and Sunion and so on.

Hong Kong Broadband Shoppy official website:

Yoho official website: 

In the future, MOMAX will strengthen its cooperation with Hong Kong Broadband and Yoho, including jointly developing more Matter-supported products through Hong Kong Broadband’s expertise in telecommunications and networking, and enhancing customer experience by leveraging Yoho’s insights into user and product experience.

MOMAX has always been committed to providing high-quality smart products and energy-saving solutions for families and businesses, meeting the ever-changing market demands. MOMAX’s products have always been known as good value for the money, and this collaboration with Matter is no exception, striving to let consumers enjoy a genuinely smart and energy-efficient home era! In the next decade, MOMAX will continue to focus on integrating intelligence into life as its core value, embracing market changes and customer needs, using technology to enhance customers’ quality of life, actively collaborating with partners, and promoting Hong Kong as a global leading smart city!

MOMAX Target: To become the number one choice in the smart home market

“Intelligence, Style, Taste” is our pursuit of product creation. We firmly believe that creative technology products are indispensable companions in life; thus, each of our creations revolves around the theme of life. Our designers infuse intelligence and vitality into each product, coupled with stylish appearance and high-quality materials, creating widely popular lifestyle accessories. We are delighted that MOMAX’s technology products not only benefit human life but also become trendy items loved by the young market.

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MOMAX Smart Becomes the First Hong Kong Brand to Launch Matter Innovative Technology Product Series, Exclusive Pre-sale Co-organized with Hong Kong Broadband and Yoho