MMORPG “Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer” Official Release Today

SINGAPORE, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — XLGAMES, Inc. (CEO Kwanho Choi) has announced that the new version of Moonlight Sculptor, “Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer,” will be officially released today at 11 a.m. KST in Korea, Taiwan, and other Asian regions.

“Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer” is an MMORPG using the original IP of the novel, Moonlight Sculptor, and has been preparing for today’s release for about a month with pre-registrations, the character reservation event, and game pre-downloads.

The newly released “Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer” is a separate game from the existing Moonlight Sculptor game, and will be serviced through Google and Apple’s mobile platforms, as well as on PC.

With the game’s official launch, various events are also prepared. Along with a power-up event designed to help players’ understanding of the game and growth, other events such as a mission-filled season pass, launch-special 7-day daily missions, 28-day check-in, launch-exclusive special check-in, and guild check-in events will be available with the game’s release.

More information about the MMORPG “Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer” and its newly revamped combat and story can be checked from its official forum.

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