Mintal Tracker Lets Users See Their Dreams – Again

AI-driven feature automatically generates an image of the user’s dream by utilizing key words, enabling the ability to physically share their dreams

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mintal Tracker, a sleep tracking app driven by artificial intelligence (AI) technology that offers a scientific approach to healthier sleep, announced an AI-generated art feature called “Draw My Dream,” which utilizes AI to transform a dream into a concrete, shareable image.

“This newly released Mintal Tracker update revolutionizes the way people can learn from and interact with their sleep,” said Tiffany Zhang, product lead of Mintal. “With the ability to capture and save a memory of their dreams that they can share with friends, with the ‘Draw My Dream’ update, users can have a more comprehensive picture of their sleep, and a more enjoyable sleep experience.”

Available now, this AI-generated art feature will automatically produce a picture of users’ dreams based on word descriptions they enter through the app. While recreating users’ dreams, the AI-generated picture can be saved on the Mintal Tracker app, or to users’ photo albums to be shared with others.

In addition, Mintal Tracker is now available on Apple Watch. Compatible with Apple Watch’s heart monitoring feature, users can pair Mintal Tracker and Apple Watch to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how their body operates during sleep through Mintal Tracker’s sleep analysis feature.

Mintal Tracker (iOS & Android) is available for download for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. To learn more about Mintal, visit its website at:

About Mintal

Mintal is a wellness-focused technology company powered by AI-driven algorithms with the goal of enabling people who suffer from restless sleep, sleep disorders, anxiety, or mental health challenges to improve their well-being. Mintal offers an integrated approach to wellness, which includes a family of apps and devices that utilize science-based wellness techniques and advanced technology. The company has developed proprietary AI-powered technologies for sleep disorder detection and risk assessment, and its apps have been downloaded by over 1 million people worldwide.