MINISO brought holiday shopping to the next level with fun and joy activities across three continents

NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On December 5, MINISO (NYSE: MNSO; HKEX: 9896), a global value retailer, started its #Lifeisforfun! world tour with its popular characters from the brand’s original MINI Family. Traveling from Thailand, Italy, to Mexico, MINISO spreads holiday cheer and kindness during this holiday season.

The tour began in Mexico and then arrived in Italy and Thailand. Mascots of Penpen, the penguin, and Pickle, the Shiba Inu, traveled in MINISO-themed public transport such as BTS Skytrain in Bangkok and buses in Florence, channeling love and encouragement to commuters. They also appeared on the streets of Bangkok, Rome, Florence, Bologna, and Mexico City, bringing the festive atmosphere to residents.

MINISO’s MINI Family-themed BTS Skytrain in Bangkok, Thailand

In Mexico, the Penpen mascot toured Mexico City in a red pickup truck and brought drones that drop off mystery gift bags, cheering citizens up on a stressful Monday morning. In Italy, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies were adopted where customers can search for Penpen in the city of Florence through an interactive game, in exchange for prizes. In Bangkok, Thailand, MINISO painted a BTS Skytrain into its iconic red color. Along with adorable characters from MINI Family, MINISO spread holiday cheer to hundreds of millions of commuters in the Bangkok metropolitan area.

Penpen toured Mexico City in a red pickup truck

Earlier in 2022, MINISO and the MINI Family toured the world and visited some of the world’s famous landmarks in different cities, actualizing wishes from shoppers and spreading love and kindness across the globe. #Lifeisforfun! brought joy to city dwellers on their everyday journeys and wrapped up 2022 for MINISO. “Our MINI Family characters are like good friends to our customers. After an exhausting year full of turbulence and uncertainties, we want these little friends to provide our customers with a moment of warmth and relaxation,” said Vincent Huang, MINISO’s VP of International Business Development.

MINISO’s MINI Family-themed bus in Italy

The holiday fun is also extended online where MINISO organized the #MINISOPentaClaus challenge on Tik Tok. Users can join the challenge by using the MINI Family stickers designed by MINISO for the occasion. In the first week since the commencement of the challenge, Tik Tok users have created over 100,000 videos and accumulated 300 million views.

“Guided by our mission to bring joy and fun to the world, MINISO strives to create a positive impact in society and the everyday life of our customers. As 2022 draws to a close, MINISO is looking forward to spreading more smiles and happiness through our broad selection of cute and fun products as well as meaningful campaigns in the upcoming year,” said Huang.


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