Mighty Catcher Launches 4th Anniversary Benefits

Free Plays, Free Claw, Free Vouchers

HONG KONG, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The popular online crane game Mighty Catcher is celebrating its 4th anniversary with a series of exciting events at which prizes and benefits are offered to players worldwide.

Get Free Play Period and e-coupons in the Mighty Catcher Birthday Celebration Fest

If you want to enjoy yourself in the gamerooms, you can login to the game every day and open your mailbox from October 15-19 to collect macaroons. If you collect 3 or more, you will win a Free Plays Period pass, which allows you to grab as many prizes as you want in all gamerooms at zero cost.

Login to the “Mighty Catcher” for 3 days to get 15-minute Free Plays Period!

“Golden Asian Voucher Fest” Free e-voucher

Download the Mighty Catcher App to play crane games remotely on your phone. Enjoy free shipping worldwide and the chance to win e-vouchers from leading restaurants, department stores and online retailers in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and etc., to enjoy shopping anytime, anywhere.

4 Coins Golden Elephant Claw Gamerooms

In the limited feature game zone, you can play in multiple gamerooms costing 4 coins per game, which cost only US$0.5 per game. You can walk away with lots of prizes such as popular Funko Figures and selected electronics.

Tips for Newbies

1. Login every day and get Play Tickets for free

Complete simple tasks every day to win various rewards. With the anniversary promotions, for three days in a row, multiple extra Play Tickets will be given out every day.

2. Unlimited free practice

You can practice for free with no limit on the number of times to familiarize yourself with the game’s feel and exercise your skills. You can also complete daily tasks while playing games, allowing you can target the prizes again and win rewards again, and enjoy the journey of the online crane games.

3. Newbies can also win prizes effortlessly

The game is simple and easy to play, and you can win many kinds of eye-catching prizes. Players can freely choose and set the level of difficulty. You can start with easy level machines. The more times you catch a doll, the more experience you can accumulate, making it easier and easier to win prizes.

Mighty Catcher

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