MicroCloud Hologram develops ChatGPT holographic virtual digital human technology

BEIJING, Sept. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MicroCloud Hologram Inc. (NASDAQ: HOLO) (“HOLO” or the “Company”), a Hologram Digital Twins Technology provider, today announced the development of a holographic virtual digital human based on ChatGPT (GereratePre-Training) generative pre-training model, adopted in speech processing, through the use of large amounts of training data to simulate human language behavior, and through grammar and semantic analysis, generate human-understandable text. It can provide accurate and appropriate responses based on context and context, and simulate a variety of emotions and tones. In this way, users can feel a more real and natural dialogue experience when interacting with digital virtual people.

Through AI intelligent speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language understanding and other technologies, HOLO’s Digital Human adopts ChatGPT generative pre-training model, so that virtual digital people can understand and realize human-computer interaction experience with emotion. Through deep learning and training of artificial intelligence, the accuracy of speech recognition and sentiment analysis is constantly improved. The training process of holographic virtual human voice interaction is very complicated and requires a lot of computing resources and data. During training, the model constantly learns various rules and patterns of the language and is able to make semantic understanding based on context. The advantage of ChatGPT is that it can generate very natural and fluent language and is able to understand complex language structures and patterns. It is also capable of generating high-quality text based on a given text, and is capable of simulating human-like conversations and answers, making the voice expression of holographic virtual digital people more natural.

The voice interaction of holographic virtual digital human needs a powerful high-quality knowledge graph library, which needs to be accumulated through a large number of long-term speech training models, which will be an important direction of future research and development. HOLO R&D team has also done a lot of research and development work in this direction, using artificial intelligence data annotation technology, can achieve a large amount of data accumulation.

Holographic virtual digital people are attached to dialogue-based products and carriers, and their future development space is broad. HOLO’s ChatGPt-based holographic virtual digital people can be applied to many fields, such as virtual human content creation, virtual human customer service, games, social networking, education, family care and other fields.

In the field of 2C, it can be applied to games, entertainment and cultural media to create holographic virtual digital human IP matrix, and holographic virtual digital human application scenarios are wide, such as short video, games, network literature and other digital content ecology. At present, holographic virtual digital people have been applied in the live broadcasting industry. With the development of online live broadcasting industry, virtual anchors have become a new popular role with their perfect human design, appearance and voice, which contributes to the development of the holographic virtual digital people industry and is also one of the models for the commercialization of holographic virtual digital people.

The development of virtual digital human industry involves many technical fields, including AI technology, real-time rendering technology, 3D modeling technology and motion capture technology. In addition to constructing a variety of holographic virtual human IP matrix, AI technology, real-time rendering technology, 3D modeling technology and motion capture technology are applied to develop the intelligent and scene-oriented development of holographic virtual human. With the prosperity and development of pan-entertainment ecology, holographic virtual digital characters will appear in more online scenes such as music platforms, games, and live broadcasts.

In the 2B field, holographic virtual digital human customer service and live delivery of goods achieve 24-hour online service. With the progress of technology, the function of holographic virtual digital people is no longer limited to meeting the entertainment needs of the public, and the application of B-side scenarios is also constantly expanding. In the future, virtual digital people will gradually penetrate marketing, government affairs, banking, real estate and other fields, and service-oriented functions will be highlighted to help enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency, and the holographic virtual digital people industry will develop in the direction of scale and social services. At present, virtual digital people are still in the primary stage of artificial intelligence. Identity and functional virtual digital people in the virtual customer service, virtual shopping guide, virtual tour guide, virtual anchor, e-commerce live broadcast and other industries slowly began to land, the future application prospects are very broad.

In the future, people may be able to see the figure of holographic virtual digital people in multiple industries, and holographic virtual digital people services can bring people a sense of freshness, and can overcome some space and time factors to achieve multi-scene services.

About MicroCloud Hologram Inc.

MicroCloud Hologram Inc. (NASDAQ:HOLO) engages in the research and development, and application of holographic technology. MicroCloud Hologram provides its holographic technology services to its customers worldwide. MicroCloud Hologram also provides holographic digital twin technology services and has a proprietary holographic digital twin technology resource library. MicroCloud holographic digital twin technology resource library captures shapes and objects in 3D holographic form by utilizing a combination of holographic digital twin software, digital content, spatial data-driven data science, holographic digital cloud algorithm, and holographic 3D capture technology. MicroCloud Hologram technology services include holographic light detection and ranging (LiDAR) solutions based on holographic technology, holographic LiDAR point cloud algorithms architecture design, technical holographic imaging solutions, holographic LiDAR sensor chip design, and holographic vehicle intelligent vision technology to service customers that provide holographic advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

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