Micro Connect Receives Approval to Establish Micro Connect (Macao) Financial Assets Exchange in Macao SAR

HONG KONG, Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Micro Connect is pleased to announce that it has received the authorization to establish and operate Micro Connect (Macao) Financial Assets Exchange Co., Ltd. (“Micro Connect Exchange” or the “Exchange”) in the Macao Special Administrative Region (the “Macao SAR”) for services related to the trading of financial assets, according to the Executive Order No. 47/2022 signed by the Chief Executive of the Macao SAR on November 30, 2022.

Micro Connect focuses on the development of a new financial market platform to offer global investors unprecedented access to China’s real economy with a new asset class – Daily Revenue Contract Certificates, or “DRCCs”. DRCCs represent entitlements to daily revenue shares from micro and small businesses in China’s brick-and-mortar consumer economy. The Exchange will provide a highly efficient and transparent market platform that connects China’s micro economy with global capital while offering new investment opportunities to global investors. In due course, the Exchange plans to provide services related to the trading of other financial assets and economic entitlements in the private markets.

A New Channel for Global Investors to Access China’s Vibrant Real Economy

Charles Li, Founder and Chairman of Micro Connect, said, “We are excited about launching this new exchange and developing a more inclusive and sustainable financial market. The Exchange will be at the core of our Micro Connect market ecosystem – a platform that will offer liquidity and price discovery for a new asset class, to enable investors to deploy capital more efficiently.”

The new Micro Connect Exchange will operate on a blockchain-enabled technology platform and is ready to deliver innovation to the capital markets in China and beyond.

Micro Connect’s Latest Development

As of November 30, 2022, Micro Connect has collaborated with more than 170 brands and chains to invest in nearly 1,800 stores in retail, food & beverage, services, and culture & sports across more than 140 cities in 31 Chinese provinces / municipalities.

About Micro Connect

Micro Connect is a new financial market platform connecting global capital with China’s micro and small businesses. The company has created Daily Revenue Contracts (DRCs) as a new asset class for direct and diversified exposure to the daily, transparent cash flows from millions of stores in China’s vibrant consumer economy, while making capital more accessible and affordable to business owners. Investment returns are collected securely via Automated Repayment Mechanisms, a network of digital infrastructure Micro Connect operates in partnerships with brands / franchises, financial institutions, and SaaS companies nationwide. With a fund platform, structured product solutions, and an exchange platform in the planning, Micro Connect offers efficiency and liquidity in small business investing for global professional investors and offers a new alternative to impact investing.

For more information, please visit www.microconnect.com and follow our journey on LinkedIn: Micro Connect, and WeChat: Micro Connect.