Metaverse Startup Burning Galaxy Soft Launches Social UGC Platform Another Earth

Founded by veterans from NCSOFT, 2K, Electronic Arts, Valve, JoyCity, Tencent, and PUBG in the United States, Korea and China, Burning Galaxy’s metaverse is launching on PC.

Users can set up accounts and create their first hyper-realistic avatar starting on October 24th, 2022

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Metaverse startup Burning Galaxy soft launches its immersive user-generated content (UGC) platform Another Earth  (https://Another.Earth).  Founded by veterans from NCSOFT, 2K, Electronic Arts, Valve, JoyCity, Tencent, and PUBG, Burning Galaxy is a social network that connects reality with new virtual worlds. Burning Galaxy raised over USD 10 million from Matrix Partners China with valuation of USD 100 million in January 2022.

At soft launch, Another Earth will allow users (except users from China) to explore powerful tools to design highly detailed avatars and their virtual apparel, social networking, and tour novel metaverse galleries. The design tools are intuitive yet allow users to make granular adjustments to each preset on a sliding scale, allowing for adjustments as detailed as forehead and eye shape. “Another Earth represents a step toward heightened social connectivity on the internet.” CEO of Burning Galaxy, Louis Jin comments, “Exploring a digital world as their custom-made hyper-realistic avatar, users can create and share UGC only possible in a malleable digital world.” In addition to social uses, Burning Galaxy believes that such an engaging and flexible space will provide a platform for artists, designers, and influencers to generate revenue in the future.

“The global gaming and entertainment industries are shifting decisively toward an explosion of user-generated content. Interoperable and immersive user-generated gaming experience is the future.” Huadong Wang, Partner of Matrix Partners China, comments, “Burning Galaxy’s hyper-realistic avatars and user-defining gaming narrative are innovative. With such a talented team, we truly believe that Burning Galaxy will make the difference among metaverse projects, especially the gaming world.”

During soft launch, users can register accounts on PC with their phone number. Another Earth will soon be available on mobile devices, Xbox series, PS5, as well as VR and AR. Later this year Burning Galaxy will release a highly anticipated Gaming Grid, allowing users to design state of the art games for others to enjoy within the platform – from first-person shooters to complex puzzle games. Burning Galaxy will announce more partnerships in the near future and are open to exploring collaborations with future potential partners.

About Burning Galaxy

Founded in 2018 by Louis Jin, Burning Galaxy is a global user-generated content social media platform that allows users to create hyper-realistic avatars, virtual games, and other immersive social experiences. The team is based in the United States, Korea, and China. Burning Galaxy raised their Series A round of USD 10 million in early 2022 at a valuation of USD 100 million. For more information about Burning Galaxy, visit

About Another Earth

Another Earth is the latest development in metaverse experiences from Burning Galaxy. Focusing heavily on user generated content, the platform is based on a series of tools that allow users to build architecture, apparel, and experiences to be enjoyed among friends or traded within its on-platform marketplace. For more information about Another Earth, visit https://Another.Earth 

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