Metabolon Advances the Understanding of Inflammation and Inflammatory Response with New Oxysterols Targeted Panel

The new targeted metabolomics panel provides absolute quantitation for important bioactive intermediaries of inflammation and disease pathogenesis

MORRISVILLE, N.C., Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Metabolon, Inc., the global leader in providing metabolomics solutions that advance a wide variety of research, diagnostic, therapeutic development, and precision medicine applications, today announced the launch of its new Metabolon Oxysterols Targeted Panel that measures 12 oxysterols and related sterols of biological significance to identify biomarkers for the prediction and early detection of cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer.

Oxysterols, which are oxidized forms of cholesterol, can be formed enzymatically and non-enzymatically, in addition to being acquired from the diet. They play a key role in several normal biological functions including the synthesis of bile acids, regulation of sterol synthesis, modulation of inflammatory and immune responses, and regulation of developmental processes. However, identifying and measuring oxysterols can be challenging due to their low biological concentrations and structural similarity. Metabolon’s validated method of measuring oxysterols in human plasma samples helps discern whether oxysterols are a significant biomarker for a disease state or inflammatory response within a particular study and whether their detection can potentially be used as a precursor for medical screening.

“Metabolomics is an incredibly powerful tool because it provides a real-time, thorough understanding of a disease phenotype that is crucial for effective disease prevention, monitoring, and treatment,” says Rohan (Ro) Hastie, Ph.D., President and CEO of Metabolon. “Oxysterols have been recognized as a significant biomarker in the progression of major diseases from cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s to diabetes and cancer, and our Oxysterols Targeted Panel complements existing research into these major disease states, offering additional insights into the presence and prevalence of oxysterols within a particular cohort.”

“Our world-class ISO 9001 laboratory has developed a quantitative assay to measure 12 sterols and oxysterols. Through our fully developed Oxysterols Targeted Panel, we’re excited to help our customers gain rapid insights into underlying biology and ultimately get closer to understanding and combating many major diseases,” said Rangaprasad (Ranga) Sarangarajan, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Metabolon.

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Metabolomics, the large-scale study of all small molecules in a biological system, is the only ‘omics technology that provides a complete current-state functional readout of a biological system. Metabolomics helps researchers see beyond the genetic variation of individuals, capturing the combined impact of genetic as well as external factors such as the effect of drugs, diet, lifestyle, and the microbiome on human health. By measuring thousands of discrete chemical signals that form biological pathways in the body, metabolomics can reveal important biomarkers enabling a better understanding of a drug’s mechanism of action, pharmacodynamics, and safety profile, as well as individual responses to therapy.