Merging Tim Viec Nhanh into Viec Lam 24h, Sieu Viet Group is 2 steps ahead of competitors to face upcoming economic uncertainties

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sieu Viet Group, an HR tech giant in Vietnam, has reached its final step to consolidate the business portfolio by merging Tim Viec Nhanh into Viec Lam 24h – the most popular online job search brand in Vietnam. Prior to that, users of My Work and Viec Tot Nhat were also migrated to, making it the single most powerful and united online job board of Sieu Viet. – the most popular online job search brand in Vietnam

“This bold move manifests our utmost desire to serve our users better and to disrupt the market through innovations and service upgrades, hence moving the workforce forwards. We want to simplify our operations and optimize our resources from many side projects in order to double down on technology, people, and superior customer experience. The portfolio consolidation is the first crucial step that enables us to build a powerful job platform, upon which we will develop a more advanced ecosystem in the future,” says Ong Xuan Minh – CEO of Sieu Viet Group.  The above consolidation strategy, which was set out to fulfill Sieu Viet’s long-term goals and mission, turns out to resonate with the current market conditions and the economic forecasts for 2023 – 2024 as well. “We are prepared for the worst-case scenario in 2023 and are 2 steps ahead of our competitors in coping with recession if any,” Minh adds.

Following the merge, active job posts and all user accounts from are automatically transferred to Viec Lam 24h portal with greater benefits. Job seekers from 4 member websites under Sieu Viet Group could now visit Viec Lam 24h like a one-stop-shop and enjoy up to 4x the job opportunities with nearly 18,000 posts daily from a wide network of more than 800,000 registered multinational and local businesses. In addition, Viec Lam 24h as the destination platform has undergone several upgrades in the past 18 months to bring users a more seamless, friendly, and intuitive experience.

As a result of the consolidation, recruiters can now enjoy joint access to a larger pool of 10+ million job seeker profiles as potential candidates. Existing and prior customers from,, and are also now eligible for the Freemium Package on Viec Lam 24h, which offers 12 job posts per annum free of charge.

Recruiters can now enjoy joint access to a larger pool of millions of potential candidates

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