HONG KONG, June 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Merdeka Financial Group (Stock code: 8163) (“Merdeka” or the “Company”), a seasoned player in the financial sphere, has declared its strategic rebranding as NOIZ Group today. This transformation symbolises a decisive stride towards fueling innovation and fostering unprecedented growth in the emerging new market landscape.

Taking bold moves towards an ever-advancing digital world, NOIZ Group’s pivot focuses on leveraging technology to unlock unbounded wealth, joy, and prosperity for the public. Guided by a bold vision and resolute commitment to empowering creators, NOIZ is poised to reshape the horizon by integrating technology and introducing an all-encompassing creator management platform.

“NOIZ represents more than just a fresh identity; it’s an embodiment of our renewed dedication to stimulating sustainable growth and unlocking the untapped potentials within our society,” expressed Hans Wong, Chairman and CEO, NOIZ Group. “We are committed to crafting a fair, transparent, and cost-effective ecosystem, employing our proprietary eco-friendly blockchain technology, augmented reality, and AI-driven solutions to empower creators and individuals. Our mission is to aid creators in generating wealth and happiness through their intellectual properties in the entertainment industry.”

The forthcoming platform’s novel features will empower individuals, creators, artists and brand owners (collectively being the “Users”) to connect directly with their fans, facilitating deep fan engagement, sponsorship opportunities, and a heightened sense of community. By capitalising on transparency, fairness, and crowd wisdom, the Users can initiate their projects, amass feedback, and cultivate a dedicated fan base that actively partakes in their journey.

Concurrent with the rebranding, NOIZ Group aims at nurturing innovative technologies that revolutionize avenues for individuals to diversify income streams and thrive in the emergent “slasher” economy. As such, NOIZ Group is set to invigorate Hong Kong and Asia, guiding these regions and the world towards embracing the new market dynamics.

“Our transformation underscores our determination to redefine possibilities for the Users in the age of new media, entertainment, and lifestyle,” added Wong. “We warmly welcome all stakeholders, including investors and the general public, to partake in this exhilarating journey as we steer through the new era and a reshaped market landscape.”

NOIZ Group is on a mission to initiate a paradigm shift, providing opportunities for the Users to flourish in an increasingly interconnected, digital realm. The Company’s pioneering platforms and ecosystem will equip the Users with the requisite tools to control their IP, creations, and income streams, while harnessing the potential of emerging technologies to shape their destiny.

NOIZ Group anticipates its strategic rebranding and transformation to create substantial shareholder value by seizing novel growth opportunities in the creator economy, with a central focus on catalyzing joy, inclusivity and prosperity.

Investors, media, and all parties interested in NOIZ Group are invited to visit the new corporate website at for more information.

About NOIZ Group Limited

Once known as Merdeka Financial Group Limited, NOIZ Group Limited, a listed company on the GEM operated by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code: 8163), is steadfastly committed to harnessing blockchain, artificial intelligence, and immersive interaction technologies to empower individuals, creators,artists and brand owners. This strategic transformation and rebranding reflect the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the creator economy, fostering a fair and transparent ecosystem, and leveraging technology to drive sustainable growth in the emerging era.