Mentech Innovation Showcases New Energy Storage Solutions and Outdoor Appliances at Canton Fair

DONGGUAN, China, April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mentech Innovation ( “Mentech” or “the Company”), a manufacturer of new energy storage devices and smart outdoor appliances, has showcased a slew of portable energy storage solutions and high-tech camping appliances at the 133 rd  China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou (“Canton Fair”) .

Canton Fair venue

With Mentech’s deep background in energy technology, the Company is committed to driving its “new energy” and “digitalization” efforts that align with its core strategy, making it a leader in the industry. Since 2022, Mentech has carried out a long-term brand upgrade with two major development directions of new energy and outdoor smart living, while the Company continues its efforts to extend its business-to-business and business-to-consumer services.

“The Canton Fair this year provided an opportunity for Mentech to deepen our exchanges with global customers, partners, and industry professionals,” said Luna Xiao, CMO of Mentech, which is expanding its business globally and intending to build a top Chinese brand in the international market. “We aim to bring our new energy and outdoor solutions to a broader market and establish a strong presence in the international market.”

Notably, Mentech’s technical strength was demonstrated by the power of its parent company, Dongguan Mentech Optical & Magnetic Co. Ltd. (002902.SZ),  which specializes in providing magnetic components, optical modules and power supplies.

In a bid to expand its market presence and showcase its new energy efforts, the Company displayed its latest product lineups at the Canton Fair, including home energy storage products, portable energy storage products, car refrigerators and camping appliances with high-tech features.

With a goal of better protecting the environment, Mentech has focused on developing products that are beneficial for the earth. For example, the Company’s new home energy storage products can help reduce household electricity costs and thus ease the burden on the power grid, which is essential to environmental protection. These low-cost and eco-friendly features have drawn specific attention from both domestic and overseas exhibition visitors and participants.

Through the Canton Fair, Mentech has engaged in discussions with customers and industry insiders from around the world to explore the future development direction of its products. The Company’s commitment to innovation and digitalization, as well as its expertise in energy technology, have made it a leading force in the industry.

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