Meican Hosts First Supplier Summit, Focusing on Innovation and Collaboration

BEIJING, March 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Meican, China’s leading digital catering platform, announces the successful debut of its first Supplier Summit held on March 22nd. Themed “Foresight • Forerunner,” the event brought together esteemed industry leaders, scholars, and supplier representatives to explore future trends in the foodservice contracting market, optimize the supply chain, and foster collaborative innovation.


Meican’s Chief Operating Officer, Zili Ren, delivered a keynote speech highlighting the critical role of the supply chain in the foodservice contracting industry. He shared insights into Meican’s pioneering practices and fruitful collaboration with over 30,000 suppliers to offer diverse dining solutions. Zili Ren emphasized Meican’s commitment to digitalization, which streamlines operations and positions digital services as the core strategy for future growth.

Zili Ren underscored the theme’s significance: “‘Foresight • Forerunner’ isn’t just about identifying business opportunities; it’s about optimizing service models, the supply chain, and the entire industry.” He urged participants to adapt and embrace innovation to drive sustained growth.

The conference fostered in-depth discussions on key topics like supply chain management, food safety, and technological innovation. Meican showcased its self-developed intelligent thermal cabinets SmartWaiter, smart cashiers, and inspiration screens, among other smart devices. On-site technical staff provided detailed explanations and introductions to the attendees, and demonstrated the information system embedded in them, attracting significant interest.

SmartWaiter: These intelligent thermal cabinets utilize advanced temperature control and energy-efficient design to maintain consistent food temperature, enhancing taste and dining experience. Real-time monitoring prevents food expiration and waste. It also makes food distribution fast and easy. Smart cashier: This technology tackles operational efficiency issues in restaurants. Using image recognition, these tables automatically identify dishes and update orders in real time, significantly improving efficiency and service quality.

The conference fostered a deeper understanding of industry trends and opportunities, encouraging collaboration on innovative solutions. “The foodservice contracting industry faces unprecedented challenges,” concluded Zili Ren. “Meican remains committed to collaboration and continuous innovation to propel industry-wide growth.”

About Meican

Founded in 2011, Meican is China’s leading digital catering platform. Applying the “Diversity + Digitalization” strategy, Meican provides comprehensive dining solutions to organizations. Backed by prominent investors like Sodexo, Centurium Capital, and Goldman Sachs, Meican leads the foodservice contracting sector in financing rounds and cumulative funding.