MedMatch360 Partnered Up with HokuApps to Disrupt Healthcare Recruitment Paradigm through Groundbreaking Technology, Streamlining Processes and Elevating Candidate-Organization Connection

SYKESVILLE, Md., Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Together they implemented a powerful all-in-one mobility solution revolutionizing the recruitment experience by eliminating frustrations and enhancing efficiency for recruiters and healthcare providers, enabling swift identification of ideal matches for both parties.

 HokuApps, a global player in next-generation digital transformation services, proudly joins forces with MedMatch360 an emerging healthcare recruitment pioneer based out of the United States that is devoted to empowering recruiters and healthcare providers with a secure and seamless platform for forging ideal connections. MedMatch360 empathized with the prevailing frustrations experienced by recruiters and healthcare providers amidst the recruitment process. With an unwavering vision to overcome these challenges, they endeavored to curtail the incessant influx of unsolicited texts, calls, and emails for providers, while ingeniously optimizing recruiters’ outreach through cost-efficient means like job postings and conferences, ensuring a smooth and sophisticated recruitment experience for all parties involved.

As a result of the collaboration, HokuApps built and successfully deployed an enterprise solution encompassing two fully featured applications, one for recruiters and another for healthcare providers supported by a web backend administrative console, in April 2023. The innovative healthcare recruitment tool, “MedMatch360,” is currently accessible on both iOS and Android platforms through the App Store and Google Play store, respectively. In the applications, recruiters and healthcare providers both possess the capability to meticulously construct profiles that accurately reflect their preferences for positions or desired attributes in candidates, along with the specific roles they are actively seeking. The applications encompass an array of functionalities, including the capability to explore job listings aligned with one’s profile, access candidate lists that correspond to specific job posts, employ a candidate filter to view profiles meeting specific criteria, utilize an in-app chat system, and receive notifications and alerts. However, the pivotal distinguishing aspect of the recruiter application lies in its provision of a wide spectrum of pricing and subscription options. These choices grant recruiters the unparalleled convenience of making payments effortlessly via the app, facilitated by the seamless integration with an advanced payment gateway system.

Today, MedMatch360 stands as an avant-garde provider recruitment app and website, exquisitely tailored to empower healthcare organizations with a cost-effective solution, facilitating connections with esteemed physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other care providers eager to embark on transformative career opportunities. They present an exceptional, budget-friendly solution, captivating recruiters with its allure, offering a refreshing departure from traditional recruitment job boards. By empowering both providers and recruiters to curate precise and authentic profiles, they are able to harmoniously align aspirations and expectations, ensuring a perfect match between ideal candidates and sought-after positions.

“We are genuinely delighted to have had the opportunity of partnering up with HokuApps to bring our recruitment mobility solution concept to life. The partnership has provided us with the capability to realize our vision by harnessing cutting-edge technology to transform an idea into a tangible and effective solution.,” said Terry Janes, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at MedMatch360. “We truly believe that this collaboration stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and our dedication to revolutionizing the healthcare recruitment landscape.”

“We envision that this application will empower MedMatch360 to emerge as a pioneering force in the realm of recruitment, offering cost-effective solutions that reshape the industry.,” said Nand Kapoor, Director of HokuApps. “The aspiration behind this collaboration is to set a new standard, redefining how recruitment is approached by integrating cutting-edge technology with efficient processes. This application is poised to not only streamline operations but also redefine the benchmarks of effectiveness, ultimately fostering the transformation and advancement of the entire recruitment landscape.”

About HokuApps:

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