MAXHUB announces the E2 Series Interactive Flat Panel for better education outcomes

SYDNEY, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MAXHUB, a company known for leadership and innovation in the EdTech space, has recently announced the release of its latest Interactive Flat Panel with the groundbreaking E2 Series.

As virtual and digitised classrooms across the globe begin to expand, students and teachers are consistently seeking learning solutions that are efficient, effective and valuable. Integration with learning tools and programs is paramount to success, as is health, safety, and ease of use.

Full force engagement and immersion

The E2 Series is equipped with a 4K, high-contrast screen, meaning that images, text and handwriting are rendered with incredible sharpness and professional-grade colour accuracy.

Ease of writing is also a key feature, with Zero Bonding technology, a double nib design, and up to 40 touch points*. Speed and connectivity will also come without issue, with the E2 having less than 40ms writing latency.

Smart, secure and reliable

With a range of ever-evolving devices, connectivity types and hardware, educators need to be certain that their screens and displays have the adaptability to be able to work in any environment – a significant part of the BYOD concept.

The all-in-one Type-C technology can enable educators to achieve easy transmission of video, audio, touch, network, and battery charge by connecting to an interactive flat panel with a single Type-C wire.

E2 also provides reverse touch control, ensuring educators can stay comfortable beside their big panel to do their teaching while also easily controlling the operation of their personal devices.

It enhances the connection between the personal screen with the larger monitor in a classroom. Positioning the interactive panel as a hub further empowers teachers to better manage the communication and interaction with learners while still being able to stick to their most natural personal working habits.

Health and safety first

With the rise in new screen technology in learning environments, there also come concerns around health and wellbeing. While screen learning has proven an extremely useful and successful tool, it should not come at the cost of health.

MAXHUB tackles these issues head-on with a total upgrade of hardware and software focused around health and wellbeing. A number of eye protection features have been added to help cater to the health of students, including TÜV Certified Low Blue Light, TÜV Certified Flicker Free, a special Eye-care mode and an Ambient light sensor.

The team at MAXHUB have also given the opportunity to equip the E2 Series with a special antibacterial screen**, and the product is SGS Certified for ultimate peace of mind. The screen is also specially coated and manufactured with 3mm tempered glass to protect users from accidental injury.

A fully rounded experience

While the E2 hardware stands out as a leading example of effective learning technology, as with other MAXHUB products, it can also be enhanced by the company’s Bytello software. With a range of suites suitable for all types of learning environments that integrate seamlessly with the E2 and other products, educators can provide the ultimate learning experience.

Bytello Class, OS, DMS and Share are all options that provide rich engagement options and learning outcomes with a mix of screen sharing, templates and cloud technologies. DMS is especially handy for IT teams in educational institutes, as it provides seamless monitoring and reporting features.

The E2 Series Interactive Flat Panel is available now through MAXHUB‘s website, along with the full range of smart products.

* up to 40 points of touch depending on your chosen operating system.

** Antibacterial screen is an optional upgrade choice.