Mapan secures US$15 Million from Global and Indonesian investors in Series A Funding aimed at improving financial access for Indonesians

Series A round saw participation from Indonesian giants PT Astra Digital Internasional, a subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk (Astra), Blibli, BRI Ventures, SMDV, and Prasetia Dwidharma, as well as global venture capital firms Patamar Capital, Flourish Ventures and 500 Global Fresh funds will be deployed to grow product range, expand customer reach, and driving financial inclusion through the introduction of products that remove barriers and provide access to financing

SINGAPORE, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mapan, an Indonesia-based leading startup focused on eliminating barriers to financial access for the masses in the country, today announced it has closed a successful Series A round of US$15 million. The round was co-led by Patamar Capital and PT Astra Digital Internasional, a subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk (Astra), with participation from Indonesian giants BRI Ventures, SMDV, Blibli, Prasetia Dwidharma, and global venture capital firms Flourish Ventures and 500 Global.

With this successful fundraise, Mapan will now look towards growing their core Arisan service through expanding their product range and partnering with top suppliers. An aspect of Indonesian culture, Arisan is a form of informal social gathering, where members will take turns to purchase products for the group. The firm will also introduce a larger variety of Arisan schemes, and expand its reach, targeting to make their digitised Arisan product available to 10 million households in Indonesia by 2026. In its aim to drive financial inclusion in the country, where 51 per cent[1] of adults in Indonesia lack access to banks or other forms of formal financial services, Mapan will also introduce other products to enhance financial inclusion and improve access to financing sources for the masses.

Since 2015, Mapan has also focused on the empowerment of women leaders of Arisan groups, which are traditional women-run rotating savings groups, through the introduction of its Arisan application. Through the recruitment of women leaders and influencers as agents and creators of Arisan groups, Mapan has provided affordable goods financing to more than three million households to-date. Women influencers and leaders of Mapan’s Arisan groups can also count on receiving additional benefits, such as commission from product sales, incentives for recruiting and educating new agents, and other performance milestones, thereby bringing financial equality to women from low-income families in Indonesia.

“In Indonesia, women play a key role in managing their family’s finances, and Arisan is the manifestation of this process. We are honoured that through the Mapan Arisan product, they have been empowered to help their communities improve their ability to purchase household goods, thus boosting their quality of life. We are committed to continue to work closely with them to evolve our solutions that provide life-changing financial access at scale,” said Ardelia Apti, Mapan’s newly appointed CEO. 

Mapan was founded in 2009 with a mission to improve the quality of life for the masses in Indonesia through solutions that will help eliminate barriers to financial resources for low-income communities. Through the usage of Mapan’s Arisan product, lower-income groups can increase their buying power to purchase household goods such as cookware, electronics, and furniture. The firm also currently provides other products and services such as bills payment application, Mapan Pulsa, and consumer goods resale platform, Mapan Mart.

Director of Astra Gidion Hasan said, “In line with Astra’s aim to prosper with the nation, Astra wishes to contribute in advancing the quality of life of the people of Indonesia, one of which is by contributing in the advancement of Indonesia’s digital economy. The collaboration with Mapan is one of our ways to enable people from all walks of society to meet their daily needs.”

“We love Mapan’s unique approach to amplify the power of women in the communities. The concept of Arisan has been core to Indonesian culture for many years, and by digitising it, Mapan brought scalability to the age-old practice. We are excited to play our part in Mapan’s next phase of growth, as it looks to improve financial access and the quality of lives of Indonesians.”, said Dondi Hananto, Partner at Patamar Capital.

On the sidelines of this fundraise, the firm recently announced the appointment of Ardelia Apti as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Ardelia and her team are committed to delivering Mapan’s promise of improving the lives of Indonesians through technology, while driving the firm’s expansion and product development.

Prior to Mapan, Ardelia Apti established deep business experience in fintech and deep tech space. She spent 5 years with Gojek, part of the GoTo Group, in several roles. During her time at Gojek, Ardelia co-built its Swadaya programme, a benefits programme for Gojek driver-partners that helps them save on daily expenses, and also headed GoPay’s Offline Payments business, driving QR payment solutions for consumers, businesses, and MSMEs. She was also previously country director for AI company Element, Inc., and a consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Aldi Haryopratomo, Founder and Board of Commissioner member at Mapan commented, “With this new fundraising round from a strong base of both Indonesian and global investors, we are excited by the new phase that is now ushered in. This represents support for Ardelia’s vision of building a community of women to ensure that Indonesian families become financially self-sufficient, and we are excited to further drive this forward.”

Mapan currently operates in Java, Bali, Sumatera, Nusa Tenggara, and Sulawesi, and plans to expand its operations across the rest of Indonesia.

About Mapan

Established in 2009, Mapan (PT Ruma) has a mission to increase the Indonesian people’s access, life quality, and income through technology. Through 1 application, Mitra Usaha Mapan can access various products and services to earn income and start a business. Mapan has reached more than 3 million members who have joined the Mapan Arisan, Mapan Pulsa, and Mapan Mart services spread across almost all districts and cities in Java, Bali, Sumatra, and Sulawesi. As we advance, Mapan has the vision to be able to reach all parts of Indonesia to help millions of Indonesian families to be able to achieve a better quality of life. Users can now access Mapan products and services through the Mapan application. Mapan app is available on the Google Play Store. Visit,, or on Instagram @MakinMapan for more information.