Mammotion Showcased LUBA Series Robot Lawn Mowers at NHS2023

It Expands LUBA Series Portfolio to Meet More Customers Needs

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mammotion, a pioneer in outdoor robotic electric solutions, attended one of the most professional trade shows for the hardware and home improvement industries, the National Hardware Show, in Las Vegas. It recently expanded the  LUBA Series perimeter wire-free robot lawn mower lineup. The products were showcased at NHS2023 for the first time.

Mammotion Showcased LUBA Series Robot Lawn Mowers at NHS2023

The RTK and multi-sensor integrated navigation systems are key features of the LUBA Series. Users can use the Mammotion app to create maps and set up different mowing areas without digging or burying wires. To meet different lawn mowing needs, the LUBA Series is available in three models: LUBA AWD 5000, LUBA AWD 3000, and LUBA AIR 1000.

LUBA AWD 5000 and LUBA AWD 3000 are equipped with an all-wheel-drive system that can climb up to 75% of slopes and handle the most difficult rough terrain and complex lawn layouts. They are available for two lawn sizes: up to 5000m2 (1.25 acres) and 3000m2 (0.75 acres).

LUBA AIR 1000 has a rear-wheel-drive system and large-diameter omnidirectional wheels. It is designed for ordinary home yards and has effective traversal and steering capabilities. Its ideal lawn size is less than 1000m2 (0.25 acres).

“We are so excited to participate in NHS2023,” says Jidong Wei, the CEO of Mammotion. “The show provides an opportunity to showcase our capabilities and benefits of innovative products while also allowing us to build relationships with industry professionals and potential customers. We discovered the latest trend and shared experiences.”

Mammotion will continue to invest in innovative robotic solutions and technologies to create an efficient and eco-friendly outdoor lifestyle that lets users live better lives. The company is looking for industrial partners worldwide.  If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us at [email protected].

Pre-orders for the LUBA Series are now available on Mammotion Online Store. Shop now on a truly hands-free mowing experience.

About Mammotion

Founded in January 2022, Mammotion is dedicated to leading a smarter, more efficient, eco-friendly outdoor lifestyle by providing innovative electric robotic solutions. The team’s core members come from the world’s leading robotic and UAV companies. Inheriting AgileX Robotics’ seven years of experience with advanced robotic chassis-based hardware and algorithm technology, Mammotion offers next-generation robotic solutions for professionals and consumers.