MAMMOTION Introduces YUKA, 3D Vision Robotic Mower with Self-Emptying Sweeper and Lawn Imagery Printing

Advanced robotic mower cuts grass, clears leaves, and creates customized lawn imagery without perimeter wires

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MAMMOTION, a leader in robotic outdoor solutions, today unveiled the YUKA – 3D vision robotic lawn mower with a self-emptying sweeper and lawn imagery printing, marking a new era of intelligent, perfect, and artistic lawn care to your fingertips.

Mammotion YUKA 3D Vision Robot Lawn Sweeping Mower

As MAMMOTION’s most advanced lawn maintenance solution for small and mid-sized properties, YUKA brings next generation Lawn Mower and sweeper in one with key features as follow:

World’s first self-emptying lawn sweeper: YUKA efficiently clears leaves, twigs, debris, and grass clippings, autonomously navigating to the designated spot for leaf dumping before resuming the session. Wireless full yard coverage: Utilizing 3D Vision and an enhanced RTK dual system, YUKA autonomously maps and navigates without perimeter wires, ensuring complete yard coverage even in NO GPS conditions, such as beneath trees or near tall buildings, narrow fence. Creative lawn art: With a simple app click, AI-powered lawn printing technology enables customizable designs, emblems, and decorations on the grass. Object identification and avoidance: YUKA utilizes 3D visual deep learning to identify and evade obstacles as small as 1 inch while mowing, prioritizing the safety of children and small animals. Threefold Cutting Efficiency Boost: YUKA features a 320mm dual cutting disc, 30-100mm cutting height, and smart route planning, surpassing traditional robotic mowers. Multi-zone management, anywhere: The MAMMOTION App sets different schedules and cutting modes for each zone, allowing control from anywhere.

Beyond simplifying lawn care, YUKA brings peace of mind benefits with smart home voice control capabilities, smart rain detection, auto-charging, 4G GPS tracking, and a 100% solar-powered RTK.

“With YUKA, we did more than eliminate the headaches of mowing and sweeping for customers — we gave them their weekends back,” said Jidong Wei, CEO of MAMMOTION. “At the touch of an app, YUKA offers homeowners the ability to create stunning landscape art and elevate lawn care quality beyond commercial lawn.”

YUKA will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter in Late January, 2024. Learn more about YUKA via


MAMMOTION is dedicated to cultivating an intelligent, high-quality and eco-friendly outdoor lifestyle through innovative robotics solutions. The team’s core members come from the world’s leading robotic and UAV companies. Their mission commences with revolutionizing robot lawn mowers for both professionals and consumers.